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Fire safety

Scandals involving tainted food and toothpaste from China

In the wake of scandals involving tainted food and toothpaste from China comes word of a new concern from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the Food and Drug Administration – toys, makeup, glazed pottery and other products that con...

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Who has read about BP's corruption, regarding the oil spill?

In the Doc's office yesterday, I read about how they've cut about a trillion corners regarding safety regulations and spill preventions. They supply the US military with oil, which is something to consider when thinking about their fine: 50 million, wh...

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how much money

does it cost to get a longlines wireless phone with theese features and what plan will I need to get unlimited text and calling
camera phone
mp3 player
flip phone or touch phone or keypad phone or slider phone
internet is optional
and cont...

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Where is a good job for 13 year olds?

I need a great job and I'm only 13 years old and I want a job now!I need something to do to keep me out of trouble.I am kind of getting tired sitting on my butt and going to school and coming right back home doing nothng about noe I'm lookingfor ...

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Lobe Piercing

I pierced my own lobe (the second hole spot) with a safety pin needle that I only sterlized with rubbing alcohol and not with a flame or some other sterlizing liquid. Without the flame, am I prone to a greater infection? Should I just take it out now a...

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Can I get into any of these colleges/universities?

I have a 3.3 GPA (4.0 scale), 100+ Volunteer hours(hospital), 2 years extracurriculars. The colleges that I am looking at are:
1. Boston U.
2. Northeastern u.
3. suffolk u.
4. emerson college
5. emmanuel college
6. clark u.

can I get into any ...

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Apartments in pittsburgh

I plan on moving to pittsburgh soon after I turn 18 [or when ever I have the money to move out on my own] and am looking for a decent apartment.. I've been looking on different websites, and all the ones I find have horrible ratings and reviews. I want...

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How much should I sue for?

I had a 4 ton bar fall on my leg at work about ayear ago I I suffered a severe fracture and nerve damage that will be with me for the rest of my life. I informed my employer severla time that the work are was not safe but they never added any safety d...

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Spanish? French? AHHH

In school, we have to pick one elective. The choices are : Wood shop, Art, French, Spanish, German, and Computers.
French, Spanish, and German are alike, and all sound so pretty, and the Art class really helps you improve your art skills, and you lea...

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A lot of piercings are safe? Or no?

My friend, helena, wants to get some peircings. Well, a lot. She has listed them all and it was like 'whoa! That's a lot!'. So for her safety I would like to know if she went to a professonal with steril (sorry my english sucks; I don't know if that's ...

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What is the strongest possible pesticide that can really work on getting rid of bed bugs?

Please can anyone help me!!!!! I recently moved into this house that i know now was and is infested with bed bugs. I really really need to get rid of them for the safety of my baby and mysefl. I dont have the kinda money to just up and move and i real...

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What would be the best way for an adult who doesn't know how to swim to learn?

Yes, im 25 years old and i can not swim. My mother almost drowned as a teen and had an insane fear of water so as a kid we never went around pools and i never learned. I would really like to learn soon since i have children of my own now and i want to ...

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How can I find out if some one or something died in my house?

We have been having issues with my oldest sons sleep paterns and saying that a lil girl keeps tricking him I know this sounds like a imaginary friend or something until my youngest sons toys started going off with no batteries in them and things flying...

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Is this lawsuit justified ?

In the news today: "If you're on a construction site, and there is a large steel I-beam heading for your head, you'd probably want your co-workers to warn you about English! But yet again, this type of policy is causing an uproar, this time in...

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Guardian of Grand Daughter

I am the legal guardian of my Grand daughter. I have been guardian since she was 1 month old. She has lived with my daughter, her mom, most of the time. Now, my daughter is exhibiting bizarre behavior and exposing my grand daughter to danger and kee...

25 views · Kids

Any real jobs that are willing to hire a 13 year old?

I was just wondering if there were any jobs in my area or around it(Sharon Hill,PA) that would hire me. I mean, they make a big deal about you HAVING to be 14 years old. I know it has to do with safety and everything, but if you think about it, it's no...

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How is this poem?

So for school I had to write a poem about a storm so here it is:
Cutting through the mild spring twilight
a storm approaches.
Stealthy, secretive, ominous.
Thunder like the wail of a sobbing man
shakes the house,
causing little feet to run
to the saf...

14 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Do you think i should keep letting me cat stay outside?

Well my cat use to stay in my house but that was when he was a kitty, no my mom threw out his litter box and she lets him outside, he only comes in my house when i get home from school and we let him out in the morning.I thought it was nice to let him...

42 views · Pets & Animals

A good friend is maybe being molested by father what can I do?

I have a good friend the she told me once that occasionally she wakes up with her pjs off. She told her mum but she said that she was restless. Her father goes on business trips often, and this last time he left the pj thing didn't happen for a bit. Bu...

35 views · Parents & Family

In the jetsons it is mentioned that cogswell's building was 2200 ft

I was wondering in the jetsons it is mentioned that cogswell's building was 2200 feet and 6 inches tall. it was 6 inches too tall under some regulation and safety rule. I don't understand this because, 2200 feet is not tall at all. the burj dubai wi...

75 views · Science

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