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Where can you work if you majored in business and communications?

can you work at a bank, be a teacher?

9 views · Jobs & Money

Turtle business

A turtle loses it's shell. Is it naked or homeless?

34 views · Pets & Animals

Do you know any book or website where I can find examples of business plans for different businesses?

If anybody knows tell me please thank you.

10 views · Jobs & Money

What job is this in the music business?

It's in the music business and it's the person who listens to the demo CDs

12 views · Jobs & Money

Should I take business or art?

I cannot decide between 2 subjects. Should I take business or art?

34 views · Education & School

What is a consultation?

...i made an appointment and the lady said ok u have a consultation?

11 views · Health

How many days are business days?

How many days are in a buisness day? I'm very confusd right now...

114 views · General Knowledge

Where can I create free business cards?

Lmfao random question

17 views · Computers & Tech

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