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I want to leave the house because or family problems.

im 16 and im tired of living in this house, but I dont know what to do. look, it all started since my uncle ended up getting into a serious relationship with the AUNT. they ended up living in a house with the AUNT's sisters and brothers. I dont get alo...

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Rating (1-10) on the beginning of my story?


"Are we there yet?" I know I'm a little old to ask stupid questions, but I feel as if it's my duty. My name's Lizzie Joanson and today I'm moving to a new house. I'm sandwiched in the back seat of the car ...

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the most shocking brake up of my life!

I meet a great guy at work this summer, he's 16 and I’m 19. He came in the middle of the season at this theme park. I’ll call him "GuyB". At the time I was already going out with some, I’ll call him "guyA". GuyA asked me out in July. He had a curfew fo...

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I would like opinions on my poem.

So I wrote this poem about a year ago and I am looking for people opinion on it. Thanks!

it all started out when I was just thirteen. I was picked on in school. the kids were so mean. they teased me and harassed with me and called me names. I really w...

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Share 100 fun facts about you!!!

1. Real name →
002. Nickname(s)→
003. Zodiac sign →
004. Male or female→
005. Elementary →
006. Middle School→
007. High School →
008. Hair color →
009. Long or short →
010. Loud or Quiet →
011. Sweats or Jeans →
012. Phone or Camera →
013. Hea...

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What.. I just wrote this yesterday, what do yall think (Its long)?

Im With You..

Me and my Momma were in a different town, about fifty minutes away from home, visiting one of her friends from work. I was dragged by my ears, so it seemed. I didn't want to be there.. Its not like it was MY friend. So, why shou...

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1. Real name →pixie corpse
002. Nickname(s)→ pixie, dusty ,loabx
003. Zodiac sign → capricon
004. Male or female→female
005. Elementary → done
006. Middle School→done
007. High School →done
008. Hair color →black
009. Long or...

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Does anyone think this is a decent prolouge?

It's kinda long but if you have the time give it a read and tell me what you think. Note a couple of minor characters don't have any names at this point.
Craig Harper was silently fuming ‘surveillance? Surveillance? He was one of the last humans aliv...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

My current situation -_- please read and help ...LONG!

OK So first thing first, my mother is and idiot, to put it lightly. She looks for love in all the wrong places, she was at one point making over 100 000 dollars a year with benefits beyond belief, and she was a foster mother with good connections. In h...

41 views · Love & Relationships

Confusing break up! How do I get him back??

I'm at a loss right now. My boyfiend..well technically, "ex" boyfriend and I have only been going out for about a month and a half. But it's also one of those situations where you get so comfortable (in the good way) so quickly. It honestly feels like ...

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Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?

Hey Everyone,

Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...

165 views · Sex

High risk pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, childs father and I b


I am looking for some advice and I really have nowhere else to turn. I've been with my boyfriend, well now ex boyfriend for almost 8 years now. We were once happy but the past two years have been really rough and he has changed so much. He sta...

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