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Things I bet you've never heard in church


10. Hey! It's my turn to sit in the front pew.

9. I was so enthralled, I never noticed your sermon went 25 minutes over time.

8. Personally I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf.

7. I've decided ...

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How can i improve my brother's attitude?

I'm seriously sick of it he is 19 , he is always so mean, has a bad temper and is so disrespectful to my mom!! When he gets mad at her he calls her a dumb A@# a stupid A&8 a Bit&h and every bad word you can think of. Idk i feel like he has change...

31 views · Parents & Family

kinda long, about my boyfriend, please read it!

I'll make this as short as possible.
I need oppinions here.

my boyfriend and I, have been dating about 11 months now.
doing pretty good lately after having kind of a rough spot.
we were doing crappy for a little while, and broke up ...

32 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What do you think of my sneaky plan, will I succeed X)?

Lol, ok GOAL: Dye hair Pink (or possibly light blue) [STOP reading here if u think u might be annoyed or bored w/my plan cuz no1s forcing u to keep going X{ ] OBSTACLES: I have a job at a restaurant. I'm a cheerleader with a red white and blue uni...

17 views · Beauty & Style

How do you think MLK would feel about today's affirmative action?

With Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday coming up, how do you think he would feel about today's affirmative action policies, and the overall state of black America?

A lot of revision has been done on King in his lifetime and after. But there is ...

78 views · Politics & Law

What should a scary insane asylum room have in it?

i have chosen a insane asylum for my room at jc's haunted house and have came up with the thought's of peeling paint, a dead guy on the floor next to the wall with have a gurney with the hand restrants and feet restrants with a guy screaming," NO, GET...

42 views · General Knowledge

Are we in the middle of a Spiritual War?

Are we as human beings, being bombarded continually, as in a state of war, in the spirit world, and could the war on the outside, actually be a mirror of what is taking place on the inside ?

Are we as humans, being pulled between two opposing forces...

35 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

When pitching a client, do you act the fool?

So we just had this unlucky punter pitch us on a new logo. I'm a fan of my wife's work, so naturally, I was afronted when their generic form mail said "your logo isn't very professional".
1) That's not a criticism, it's a generalism. When pitching a p...

31 views · Jobs & Money

How to get over something that really bothers me?

How to get over something that really bothers me?
hear is the problem, today, I was in church, I needed to talk to my Leader, and by the way, I'm mormon. I needed to talk to him about a relationship I'm dealing with.
He wasn't in church today, I coul...

95 views · Love & Relationships

Questions For Sellers Like Me, HELP PLEASE?

Hi guys, I recently posted a package to Korea worth £160 (clothing : four pairs of pants/jeans) using express mail. The tracking states that item was in Korea showing that it was being revised for customs, the seller had paid custom charges and now has...

18 views · FunAdvice Community

scared what people will think

ok im 23...the other day I had a really good day and decided to dance and look better for myself ...I have new legwarmers new trainers...bought all new excercise equipment and new clothes looking forward to looking better and pretty but then this thing...

12 views · Love & Relationships

Can I get some feedback about this bullshit? leak .

I've had this lil bitch car for about 5 months now and have proceeded to make these kind of maintenance decisions, Please Continue Reading ,
-Replaced the air, fuel, & oil filter, threw some fuel injector in there.. popped the engine clear of crud, fi...

19 views · Health

Why isn't he giving any sign?

We had an amazing weekend together, everything seemed to go well..but now he doesn't call or text.I'm really confused!
we used to text all the time...We had sex but whole weekend we were acting like a typical couple..Holding hands, kissing, hugging , ...

14 views · Sex

Do you agree with the idea of Communism?

Communism is a type of SOCIETY(not government) in which no money exists, everyone provides some sort of service, or type of item, and and when you need somehting, you take it, and as long as you do your job, everything balances out. Everyone is treate...

247 views · Politics & Law

How to know all he wants is sex?

Am 20 and hes 29, we met on the internet, a year and half ago, on the first date, he took me to his house, he tried to have sex with me but I refused, he then took me to the beach and then the restaurant to eat.he then dropped me off home, the second d...

55 views · Sex

Anyone willing to make a rap about Nitrogen?

I have to make a rap about an element and I got assigned nitrogen.

I have to include these facts:
Name: Nitrogen
Symbol: N
Origin of the name: Greek
Atomic number: 7
Atomic mass: 14.0067
Boiling point: 77.4 K
Melting point: 63.05 K
Person an...

26 views · Music

How to know the colour yur hair will turn before yu dye it?

So I wanted to go blonde, I had lightish brown hair. I just wanted to go a little lighter because my skin is very pale and I have blue, reddy/brown eyes. (ps. Didn't rele want to go blonde, im actually so envious of people with dark hair and olive skin...

50 views · Beauty & Style


Hi,my name is Alex and I would like to ask why does society want a better society,but when convicts as myself get out, Which of I've been out since Nov 26th 2007,and got off parole with in 13months for excellent behavior,do they (society)allow us to ha...

30 views · Jobs & Money

I really need help!

long but please read:
I just had an argument with my parents my mom has always hated me and I was daddys lil girl but not anymore thanx to my mom who said a lot of untrue stuff to my dad anyways the argument was just bec I wanted to sit down in the li...

10 views · Parents & Family

Why can't I get on Myspace?

when I try it comes up with this...

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.
To attempt fixing net...

35 views · Computers & Tech

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