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How do I get this app to work?

I bought a Rock Band App for my iPod touch yesterday for about 4$ and When I sync my iPod, it doesn't put it on there, why? I also go tap tap revenge 3 and it doesn't work

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What new T.V. shows are you going to start watching this fall?

I saw the first episode of "The Secret Circle" and that was really good. Also going to check out "Revenge" and "The Ringer"

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getting my special plan complete

hi I need to make a shoe smell terrible in 2 weeks to get revenge on my friend could you give me some ideas on how to get it smelly?

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What's a good rock song about getting over someone?

Does anyone know a rock song about a relationship ending? I need one that isn't sad or depressing. But angry and revengeful! So that I can agree with the lyrics and get over someone completely!
Any ideas? :)

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My 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out I need to see a counseller

Ok, so apparently I need to see a counseller but anyway, my 'mate' becca, todaii, shouted out infront of the whole of my history class that I need to see a counseller and I was going to kill myself!

How can I get revenge? I am sooo angry with her!

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Good Username Ideas?

I was thinking about a good username idea, but I've gone blank.

I want 2 words, three at the most - something like 'MedicatingPerfection'

Something to do with Poetry, songs, deceit, hate, revenge and stuff like that?

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Is saying yes to guys just a rebound?

im 14 and I have guys askin for sex. the weird thing is that I just got out of a long term relationship and im hurt. is the feeling yes just revenge or a back up? I really dont know. so should I or should I not? good idea or not?

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Firing Randy Orton For all the injured persons

I just watched Monday night raw and watched Randy Orton and Triple H finally get revenge on Orton. How many out there thinks Randy Orton deserves what people are doing to him? He also injured Batista? I think Orton should be fired from wrestling! Do ...

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Can This Game Be Played On The Xbox 360???

I got this game for my birthday, and it is for the xbox. I was wondering if it would play on the xbox 360 because that is what I own. (I dont have regular Xbox. , just Xbox 360)
The game is called:
Burnout Revenge

my bro says its not playable but...

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Does he even care?

so my ex boyfriend . is going out with this sluttyish chick (excuse my language). I have let go the fact that they are going out and told them I was happy for them, but the bad thing is, I want revenge. I know this sounds wrong but I can't help but wan...

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How would you like to die?

How would you want to die? for me it would be in the arms of my lover on a moonlit night slowy but peacfully and I kiss him just as I pass. then he would seek revenge on my killer becouse knowing me I'll probably get murderd (I tick off a lot of girls,...

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what is the name of this rl stine book ?

there is this book by rl stine , I think it's a fear street super chiller , it's about a girl who moved into a house and she tried to get into this room in an attic , and this ghost of a little girl wouldn't let her and she possesed her body , she finn...

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What is happening between my rat sisters?

I have two rats who are sisters and have been together since the womb. Recently the rats have switched power and the rat new in power seems to be getting revenge. My one rat has little scraps and scabs all over her and the latest is a bleeding wound ...

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Sooo (picky about music)

I like obscure and unique sounding bands like OOMPH!, She Wants Revenge, Placebo, Static X, Rammstein, Black Dahlia Murder, Slipknot, all that goood stuff. Anyone know some good heavy or industrial bands that I might not have heard of? (lol, I'll proba...

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Is everything just a perspective issue?

Is there really a right or wrong, or is everything just a perspective issue? I mean, whats wrong to one person may be right to another...which makes something completely that issue. Like, killing someone who deserved it or getting revenge. It may be wr...

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count of monte cristo questions

I need the answers to any or all of these.
as detailed an answer as possible

1.) what does the idea " justice" mean to edmund, at the beginning of his adventure as the court? what did Edmund's idea of ' justice" evolve to mean by the end of the ...

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Why dont I get any experience points nor coins?

I'm playing tap tap revenge 3.
And no matter how much I play it wont give me experience points nor coins.
I'm a pro on my iphone, and I'm trying to level up my cousin's ipod touch. And it won't go up. Even though all the songs I played are either 99% o...

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How should I get back @ my boyfriend for his awful prank?

Ok so when I got out of work and was about to get in the car, I realized that my boyfriends car was gone and there was some broken glass where I had parked it. So I was all upset and filed a police report and when I got home,the car was sitting in fron...

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Breaking dawn twilight? Who thinks it ended bad?

I finished breaking dawn in like october but I hated the ending. I was just wondering who hated the endiing and how would you have eneded it? I woulda had either rosalie or alice nearly die just to spice things up but be saved at the last minute by car...

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so my exbff is so annoyting
I used to eb able to tell her enything and she woudl never tell
me and my friend told her one of our secrets and she blabbed it to everyone
the other day she told me she liked h=this guy that I like and that she thought m...

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