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Voice of God

When you think of the "voice of God" whose voice do you think of. I think of James Earl Jones.

17 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Deeper Voice

I am in my middle teens. How do I make my voice deeper? I have a annoying sounding voice.

52 views · General Knowledge

Voice exercices

What are some really good voice exercices before singing ?
Thanks xo

23 views · Entertainment

Throw my voice

Everyone says im a good singer, but how do I throw my voice?

44 views · Music

what does it mean when someone says that you have a hollow voice ot

what does it mean when someone says that you have a hollow voice or that it sounds hollow?

136 views · General Knowledge

How to make my voice sound good?

Is there any food or anything that can make my voice sounds
Good and stronger??

69 views · Music

Is there a software to edit my voice to make it sound better?

Is there a software I can use to edit my voice to make it sound better?

37 views · Computers & Tech

Where to watch Driving Lessons with Rubert Grint?

Where can I watch Driving Lessons, the one the rupert grint is in?

57 views · Entertainment

Guitar tuning to voice?

Okay I was wondering,can you tune your guitar to perfectly complement your voice?How do you do that?

253 views · Music

Where to go in London for good piano lessons?

I am a piano student. I have moved to London just. Where are good lessons??

13 views · Education & School

How do you make your voice deeper?

I want to have a thicker deeper voice when I sing. Are there some techniques I can do for this?

15 views · General Knowledge

Vocal Lessons in Edmonton?

In Edmonton,AB
Were Can I Get the Best Vocal Teacher ???

9 views · Music NSFW


please answer!!

96 views · Computers & Tech

Do I have a good singing voice or am I a joke?

22 views · Music

This little girls voice is amazing!

6 views · Music NSFW

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