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Telecommunications wiring & cabling

how do i make a wired rc car into a wireless rc car?

i need to know how to because i need to show this arragent teacher that i can make a spy car with a little help.

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No cable until 1st of July

It's quite disappointing cause our cable was fully turned off and we won't be able to get cable again until July first,what can I do to kill and speed up time?

11 views · Entertainment

Which is better - Comcast or Quest (dish network cable)?

pros and cons of each? internet cable and phone. (qwest cable is actually dish network) good/bad experiences with either?

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S-video cable for laptop to TV

I have an S-video cable and I am trying to hook my laptop up to my tv so I can see whats on my laptop on the tv screen. Do I just need the S-video cable or do I need some type of software to make this work?

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What are cables and conductors and their difference?

pls guys help me with the difference between cable and conductor, it should be base electrical engineering. Pls i need it now cos im going to submit it tomorrow.

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Downloading off Lime Wire

Is there anyway to tell if you are downloading a virus off a video on Lime Wire. I know you can hit Preview and if it doesnt play a song then it is a virus, but how about a video? mp4 by the way.

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Why do people say lime wire is illegal?

ok so I have lime wire and it has a filter so that you dont download stuff with viruses and songs ilegally. so why do people keep saying that it gives your computer viruses and its illegal

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How long does a bank wire transfer take?

How long does a bank wire transfer take? I am waiting on some money and it hasn't arrived yet.
It has been since tuesday of last week and I thought it would only take a few days.

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how can i fix my stereo and what are the pros and cons of wiring speakers in series?

the stereo wont play out of the output speaker lines, it only plays out the headphone port, i have it running through a guitar amp from that and then to speakers?

12 views · Computers & Tech

Will this ethernet Cable work for Xbox live?

hey I was wondering if this cable will work for xbox live.200ft 350MHz CAT5E UTP Ethernet Cable with Strain-Relief Boot - Blue please help

18 views · Computers & Tech

Where can I get my hands on a good Cat-6 cable stretcher?

I have a bunch of 3 foot cables and I want to make them 6 foot cause they are worth more. I feel if I do this I could have the cable stretcher paid off in no time.

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Pros and Cons of underground and overhead cables

I have to make a poster thats in for tomorrow about the pros and cons of overhead and underground cables!!!
Does anyone know what they are???
I cant find much info anywhere!!
Thanks Becz x

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Cox Cable?

I Google'd for cheap local cable company and they popped up with their number,and whatnot. I was wondering so my mom isn't scammed,are they a real cable company cause I have never seen them advertised on TV?

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Lime wire..

1)Is it safe
2)Will it give my computer a virus?
3)Can I get into big trouble for using it?
4)What do you guys think of it??

Thanx! Xoxoxo

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how would i wire my new honeywell thermostat?

i used to have two stats one for heat and one for air.trying to just have one,i had a pro wire my air,aand i need to wire the heat myself,the heat stat had two wires a red and a white not sure where to put em,any suggestions?my new one is model #th5110d

38 views · Home & Garden

Why the news tell me that i can lose my cable service if im paying for it?

I have to wait until eleven tonight to know, but if im paying for that service, why they will cut my cable the news never say something good to hear like there would be a better service. News are always bad news.

25 views · Computers & Tech

if I have basic cable I still need the converter for dtv or not.

the building where I live has basic cable I dont have many channels but I have a few channels like tv guide, tbs, tnt , food channel from time warner but im not sure if this is enough or I still need the converter for dtv any answer is welcome thank ...

14 views · Computers & Tech

Is there a way to connect a wire hamster cage to a plastic tube cage?

When I was in my early teens (early 2000s) my mom bought an adapter to connect two cages (wire and plastic) together for my hamster. I want to connect cages for my current hamster but I have no idea where the adapter ended up and I can't seem to find t...

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