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Don't know which digital SLR camera to get?

I'm really interested in photography. I do this BOCES program where I leave my school for a half a day and just learn/practice photography. Soon I'm going to need a digital SLR camera, but I'm completely clueless on which brands are the best. I'm looki...

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how can I publish my photos?

Im into photography and I want to put my photos in a gallery or something to show everyone but I dont know where to start can anyone help me?? thanks

128 views · Computers & Tech

What are five things at the top of your head?

I like photography. Im not really sure what to take pictures of right now. Sooo just name five to seven things at the top of your head. Any object.

33 views · General Knowledge

What is a proof? Very important

What is a proof in photography? Like here's an example of it in a sentence.

"how many proofs do I give a client for a wedding?"

I need to know cause I'm going into the business :/

13 views · General Knowledge

Travelling to Auschwitz

I am a photography student travelling to Poland in March next year, I am visiting the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, I have read all the information about photography but still feel sick at the idea of taking photos there, the photos I would tak...

21 views · Travel

How do you watermark your photos?

I love posting my photography up but its getting to the point where i want to watermark it so no one steals my pictures! How do i put a cool design of my name on my photo? I have lightroom if that helps

17 views · Computers & Tech

Confused with careers

well im just a bit confused with careers ... im 15 years old and I study applied business and french.

im doing very well in all my subjects but I didnt not decide what career to follow.

I enjoy studying applied business and I m interested in economi...

17 views · Education & School

SHould i jusyt keep my regular digital camera or get those professional loking ones?

cuz i wanna start doing photography and editing pictures? i need some help.. so answer

11 views · Computers & Tech

What career pays more?

I was listening to my sister talk about how one of her friends' mom or something got a very good paying job doing something related to the state/law, and it got me thinking about it. What career pays 2-3 times more than photography?

36 views · Jobs & Money

How to set up a photo with out it looking planned?

I'm starting to get into photography, but all my photos looked planned. I like setting up photos because I'm always looking to do a specific subject or message. But in the end they look kind of staged. I have a few on here if you want to see what I mea...

9 views · Computers & Tech

What is a radiologist like as a career?

A friend of mines dad was telling me that if a couldnt do anything in photography like I wanted, that I could do something like radiology? What is that? Do you do it at a hospital? Late bad hours? Lot of pay ? tell me everything...

50 views · Jobs & Money

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say sneak peek?

So I'm joining a photography contest and I'd really like to know what first comes to your mind when I say "sneak peek". This is really important, so whoever answers, will be greatly appreciated :) thanks

12 views · General Knowledge

Symbols of freedom?

I have to do a photography assignment. Other than running horses, the us flag (liberty bell, all that american shit) butterflies, and birds in flight, can you think of anything else I could photograph for freedom? Thanks

14 views · Politics & Law


We are choosing 2 electives for high school and I cant decide between dancing or photography. (the other elective that I'm choosing is japanese :) )

-people say that I'm a good dancer and I love to dance but I have no professional training and I do...

23 views · Education & School

High school starter!

Im going into 9th grade and I've learned from my sisters mistakes whats good for highschool. Getting involved in a lot, like sports or clubs will help for college. Already I know I want to be a photographer. im going to sign up.. Ofcourse photography ...

23 views · Education & School

What are these subjects like?

any one who is in these subjects can you describe what each one is like please
humanities subjects,
and pre-calculus, <---is that hard??
and physics.

and which one do you think I should take for arc...

26 views · Education & School

Resume help

ok I'm not sure what was my job title for my last job and I'm not sure what to put on my resume. I have had already included other previous jobs with titles I already know. If this helps I worked in a small business that work with photography and my jo...

36 views · Jobs & Money

What are some good books about MODERN China?

I am preparing to travel to China this summer and would like to do some reading up on the culture. I know China has a vast history, but I would prefer books about modern China rather than the olden days. Fiction, non-fiction and photography books all ok.

32 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What course shoudl I take?

So I am a little stuck weather to go do photography or graphics in college I have already definitely decided on maths, physics and art but I unsure on my 4th choice please give your views and opinions.

11 views · Education & School

How much professional photographers get paid?

Does anyone know how much you get paid to work as a professional photography person thing? You know.. Like a job when your odler? Because I really love taking pictures. Like I take pictures of flowers with a drop of rain hanging off. Xd

15 views · Jobs & Money

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