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Fixing cavities

Ok so I want to go see a dentist to get my cavities out and filled in... But im afraid of dentist because I dont want to feel the drill in my mouth because some of my cavities are really sensitive... My mom said they could put me to sleep but I dont wa...

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Is bleaching your teeth bad for them?

If so, how???

I'm thinking about going to the dentist and getting it done but my family kept saying its bad.

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Teeth clenching

I have a major problem clenching my teeth at night while im asleep, but cant afford to see a dentist..any advice

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Why do my bottom front teeth hurt sometimes?

I just went to the dentist a few days ago and i didn't have any cavities so now what lol?

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How can you tell?

ya know when someone dies in a fire and they have to identify the person by their dental records...what if the person had never been to the would they know who the person is?

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dental career

I am a dentist just passed from college...can anyone tell me which country is the best for practicing dentistry and what is the procedure to get into that country

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Braces yikes!

Ok I just went to the dentist a few days ago and they said I needed braces I have never had them be4 so I was wondering if they hurt?

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Dental Problems...

I have been told that I should drink nothing but milk and water because it's causing dental problems. I asked if fruit juices were any better and my dentist said no. I don't think I can drink nothing but milk and water. For some weird reason I alway...

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My dad keeps procrastanating...:(

How can I stop my dad from procrastanating(if I spelled it wrong sorry)but any way the doctor ordered my dad to get me a dentist apt. Over two months ago and he has the name and # of two great dentists by our apts. But he still wont make it and my toot...

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My freaking teeth are killing me my back teeth are growing in any advice to stop the hurting ? my dentist told me I have to get them taken out I'm scared :( any advice?

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Where can I buy seaweed?

Its for a tooth infection for my 4 yr old or how can I help the swollen go down...her dentist penicillen aint working on her...

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Taking off my braces

I have braces and my mom cannot afford to take me to the dentist to have them removed and part of them are coming off, I want to remove them with help, they are pinching my gums and I need help in taking them off. what do I do?

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Why does my breath smell bad even after I brush my teeth?

Evn wen I go to the dentist, my breath only smells good for like half an hour?

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How to minimize tooth sensitivity from a chipped tooth...?

nobody can even notice my tooth is chipped so why does it hurt like it was damaged badly?The dentist didn't even notice..and now im panicking..since i don't go to the dentist for another 9 days..and we can't move the appt up probably because of the hol...

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How do I find out if I have an overbite?

My top teeth go over my bottom teeth a bit and I get jaw my jaw always cracks and goes out of place at times..

And I thik I might have an overbite but my dentist has never said anything about it..I have the dentist tomorrow..

Should I ...

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Pulling teeth?

Next wednesday im going to get one of my teeth bad does it hurt???
Im scared, because I hate the dentist, and needles, and all that stuff

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Xray while pregnant

Im about 6 1/2 weeks pregnant
I was at the dentist today and they had to take an xray.
What could this do to the baby.
Is he/she okay?
Please help.

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What. I think my wisdom tooth is growing?

okay, so I think my wisdom teeth are growing (one at the top and one at the bottom, both right side). it hurts :S I have taken a painkiller pill but it still hurts.

I may only go to the dentist on Thursday and then probably get them extracted if my...

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Who has experienced root canal?

Hi so uhm..the dentist said that's its either I get rootcanal or I ectract my tooth, so yeah uhm does rootcanal hurt that badly? I mean can the dentist use anestesia or sumthin? Because if it really hurts (I have low tolerance for pain) im just gonna e...

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What are all the signs of a cavity?

What are the signs of a does it feel what does it look like any what else..Can you get a cavity if you had root canal a year ago?And if you were just at the dentist March 25th and she didnt see any cavities do you have them now?

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