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What are some Good Screamo/Death Metal bands?

What are some good Screamo/Death Metal bands? "Screamo/Death Metal bands only" No Linkin Park crap!!!

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Which metal type do you prefer?
I think I like all the genres,but more I like Heavy Metal.

16 views · Music

Best female fronted metal band(s)?

What is the best 'female fronted metal' band? Opinions please

29 views · Music

clorox+fabric softner+blonde hair

If I put clorox and fabric softner on my blonde hair,what affect does it have on my blonde hair?

37 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Scrap metal collecting

Is it worthwhile to get scrap metal to make money?

49 views · General Knowledge

Rock or Heavy Metal songs for Cardio workout?

What are some good rock or heavy metal songs while doing cardio???

92 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Do you know good hevay metal bands

What are some good heavy metal bands or songs :}

51 views · Music

Good punk rock metal bands?

does anyone know any good punk rock metal bands??

42 views · Music

What are some new metal bands?

give me names of some nu metle band

7 views · Music

Who likes Full Metal Alchemist?

Who likes Full Metal Alchemist?? Or Full Moon?? Or um...Chrono Crusade??

10 views · Music

What are good metal or hard rock bands?

any one knows any good metal or hard rock on I tunes

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whats your favourite death metal band?

whats you favourtie death metal bands? (screamo if you want to)

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Fave metal bands?

so whats your fave metal band? just being nosey seeing if I can check out any new bands

7 views · Music

What are good metal bands?

...are some good metal bands that scream and roar?

Please give suggestions

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Who sings the heavy metal version of peanut butter?

Who sings the heavy metal version of peanut butter and jelly time?

53 views · Music

Do you like hardcore metal

I love hardcore meatal it is awesome does anyone else like it ?

45 views · Music NSFW

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