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Getting rid of headaches without medication?

how can you get rid of headaches without taking medicine?

33 views · Health

Is Dayquil a good medication to take if you have a tickle in your throat?

if not what is a good one to take?

98 views · Health NSFW

medical marijuana?

do you know what illnesses require medical marijuana? and how is it different than regular weed?

52 views · Health

What is the best acne medication?

does anyone know the best acne medication and for sure that it will works great?

49 views · Beauty & Style

How can you prepare youself for medical school?

Like the title says, and how do they grade you in medical school?

8 views · Education & School


what do coure dso I have to take to become a doctor

14 views · Education & School

face medication for acne called Differin, where to get it?

So I hear there is a face medication for acne called Differin. does anyone know where to get it?

40 views · Health

Can the acne medication Accutane cause irregular periods?

I am about 2 weeks early.

58 views · Health

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