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Student Government

What theme or sologan can I use for running for class president?

37 views · Education & School

Can felons work for the government?

can a felon be a lawyer, a politician, a government employee, an elected official, a judge?

128 views · Jobs & Money

How can I find if the government has unclaimed money that is mine?

Does anyone know how I can find out if the government has any unclaimed money, assets or property that might be mine?

278 views · Jobs & Money

Government healthcare

What makes government the solution and why cant people go with out healthcare or insurrance companies

14 views · Health

Government Auctions? Yay or nay?

Is there any good government auction resource that I can use to things on the cheap?

11 views · Education & School

Free government money

Hi, how do I get a free government loans without pay for it. thank you ladyfox477

11 views · Jobs & Money

Is it true the government drops first-time offenders?

Is it true the gov't drop first time offenders on crimes

7 views · Politics & Law

Why is the government allowing more fast food restaurants to be built?

is it so the employment rate can increase?

8 views · Politics & Law

Specific examples of government corruption

Can anyone give me some specific examples of corruption in the American government? Doesn't have to be recent. Thanks!

103 views · Politics & Law

Government made the H1N1 flu?

Do you think the government made the H1N1 flu to kill off some of the americans so we would stop being over populated?

54 views · Politics & Law

Your opinions on government

What are your opinions on democracy, the presidential race, the candidates, our government now and what it will be like? Just want to hear some thoughts! :)

9 views · Politics & Law

What would you define as "corruption in Government"?

Beyond your own personal definition of the phrase, can you link me to some examples of corruption

11 views · Politics & Law

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