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Golf courses construction

How to pick which golf clubs to buy?

Getting into golfing, new at it. What are the things to look for when buying golf clubs? Anyone into golfing? What's the best set?

14 views · Sports & Activities

What laws protect employees in constructions

What laws protect employees in construction??

Like if accidents happen or rights and responsibilities

But are their laws that protect the employees that work in construction in u.k.

24 views · Jobs & Money

What courses do I take to join a modeling agency?

what kind of courses/Classes do I have to take to join a modeling agency(not to be a model) in high school and college??

46 views · Education & School

What courses do i gotta take to be an ea?

I wanna be a ea b/c i love working with the specail needs.

11 views · Education & School NSFW

What is the best GRE prep course?

I will be taking the GREs again. Anyone recommend a particular prep classes?

15 views · Education & School

hey you there!!! luv me uv course

du you like soulja boy tell em???

9 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Pass mark for Microsoft System Engineer courses?

do any one know the pass mark for m.c.s.e?.thats microsoft system engr courses

19 views · Computers & Tech

golfing blister

my dads teaching me to golf and now I have this really painful blister on my hand is there some way I can make it heal faster?

24 views · General Knowledge

what does it mean when "(2 yr)" is next to the college course name?

does that mean i only go for two years, or two years after the two years of basic courses?

39 views · Education & School

What's a good set of golf clubs for a beginner?

I am just starting golfing and I want to get a good set of golf clubs, but I dont want a cheap beginners set. what would be a good set of golf clubs for me to get and where can I get one?

49 views · Sports & Activities

What course of action would you take if your son molested both your daughters?

Raped/molested both your daughters/his younger sisters more than once, what would you do?

11 views · Parents & Family NSFW

Constructive criticism?
Just looking for feedback and advice as far as my singing goes.

9 views · Music

Why is the MTA stopped for unseen construction?

Why I have always heard the mta saying that the train stopped because of some construction but I never see that constuction finished.

7 views · General Knowledge

Who's paying for the oil spill in the golf of mexico?

Whos getting the blame and do you think is gonna affect everyone...

41 views · Environmental Issues

Do you think it would be good for me to take a culinary arts course in college?

Is it in demand at all, like in Europe or something?

8 views · Education & School

Which UK uni has the best theatre courses?

I know all UK uni's are great but does anyone know which ones have the best theatre(acting, drama) studies?

13 views · Entertainment NSFW

Why is four called in golf?

Golfer shout four when a golf ball is heading in the direction of people, I would like to know why this number is called

74 views · Sports & Activities

Do you know what course can I take to be more talktative.

Do you know what course can I take to be more talktative, my relatives say that I need to talk more and be more sociable what course can I take to be like that if you have an idea tell me please thanks.

7 views · Education & School

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