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Fruit baskets

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Are frozen fruits healthy?

i keep buying peas and corn *frozen packs)?

19 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Ideas for a gift basket

I need some ideas for a gift basket. What do I put in it. How big should it be and what is the best way to decorate it?

22 views · Shopping

When I eat only fruits will I loose weight?

so I decided to eat only fruit will that help me loose weight? because I really want too loose weight fast

41 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Japanese Recipe's w/ fruit

I'm looking for a japanese dish recipe that is something light and has fruit in it.

42 views · Food & Dining

Would drinking V8 juice (that claims to give you a full serving of veggies and fruit) be a good alternative to eating veggies and fruits?

I was just wondering... could you just drink V8 juice that claims to give you a full serving of both fruits and vegetables, instead of actually eating fruits and vegetables?

Would it be the same? If it would not be the same, why not?

22 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Basket ball belly or watermelon?

when your havinq a qirl or boy do you qet a basketball belly or watermelon ?

91 views · Health

Is any calories from fat in fruit?

I don't want to sound stupid, but are there any calories from fat in fruit? because I have fruit plates everyday 4 lunch. :)

16 views · Food & Dining

Are fruit smoothies for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert?

I am going on a diet, should I drink the fruit smoothies for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert? Does it matter?

8 views · Food & Dining

Will I lose weight eating fruit everyday?

If I just eat fruit everyday will I lose about 10 to 20 pounds in 2 weeks?

256 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What fruit is healthiest?

What fruit is the healthiest? Also, are eggs good for you? What other foods are really healthy to eat in particular?

33 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is it good to only eat fruits and veggies?

If I only ate fruits and veggies for a week, is that healthy? If not I could eat a few grains or something.

18 views · Nutrition & Fitness

The cereal "fruit loops"

Why isn't it sold in the uk?

I know kellogs make it and we have kellogs cereals in the uk.
So why not that one?

35 views · Food & Dining

How many calories are in these kinds of fruit?

calories in an oranges?
calories in bannas?
and pineapple?

thaks for the help

123 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What fruits make your skin fair?

wht type pf fruits can make skin fair by eating??I heard banana and mango??

130 views · Beauty & Style

what is a good fruit to feed a hamster?

I wanna feed my hampster some fruit but I dont know whant food is okay

15 views · Pets & Animals NSFW

Is fruit water a substitute for water?

I really hate water.. so I was wondering if I could use fruit water as a substitute instead?

36 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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