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How can I convince my parents I ready for a Horse?

So I'm 15 years old, a sophomore in highschool, and I really want to convince my parents Im ready for a horse but they don't notice. I've been working at 3 farms for the past 4 years, as a lesson assistant, a horse trainer assistant, and a vet assista...

59 views · Pets & Animals

Should we get married before we move?

Should we get married before we move or after? Me and my fiance are planning on moving to his hometown, which is 4 hours away from where we currently live. We have no plans currently for the wedding and the date. Our lease is up in March of this year. ...

9 views · Love & Relationships

How can I make money?

I'm 14. I really want to get a job. I babysit for my neighbors but I don't get paid that much and I can't find any more babysitting jobs. I'm getting a job this summer at an animal shelter, but I need one all year. I'm trying to make enough money ($300...

44 views · Jobs & Money

Has the real estate market bottomed out?

I was talking to a realtor friend the other day, and she was saying how the market was going to come back now. Has the real estate market bottomed out? It seems to me like the market has a ways to fall still before purchase prices come back in line wit...

33 views · Home & Garden

Moving to london

Hi need some advice on where to start ,...I plan to move to london in october to live and work! Whats the best way to find a flat to rent , ie estate agent etc. What is required to sign lease there , what part of london would you reccomend hmm s...

15 views · Travel

What will I be taxed on the sale of property?

I sold my rental property in 2006 and made $120,000 profit from the sale. Since I have
never lived there am I eligible to exclude up to $250,000 of the gain on the sale of the property? If not, I assume and understand my profit will be taxed (capital...

26 views · Jobs & Money

How do I go about renting a cheap as van in NZ?

I'm going on holiday over Christmas around New Zealand because I actually haven't been anywhere in my own country (tisk tisk). All of the campervan rental websites are around $100 a day which a- I don't want to spend that much and b- I don't need a cam...

22 views · Travel

Legalities of owning an apartment?

I'm currently looking to purchase an apartment building. There are 3 units, and what I'm asking is what legalities will I encounter and have to take care of before I put the units up for rent? Is a lease a good idea? Will I need just home owner's in...

12 views · Jobs & Money

What do I do with my lazy nephew and his girlfriend?

I own a beautiful rental home. I recently remodeled and spent $70,000.00 in upgrades. I agreed to have my brother who is 54 years old rent it. He has a 29 year old son (my nephew) which would live with him. Both have good jobs. But now my other nephew ...

90 views · Parents & Family

What to do?

We have been together for 2+ years. His lease is up in 5 months and we are talking about moving in together but he said that he wants to but doesn't want to ruin our relationship because he has had bad past experiences with an ex before. But he never l...

6 views · Love & Relationships

Why does my boyfriends mom hate me and why does he support her?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half and his mom let me sleep over but after we went to college (the same college) she all of sudden said that I could not stay over anymore. She will not even talk to me and we used to be REALLY cl...

78 views · Parents & Family

Should I see a doctor or is this normal??

Well I am double jointed so I can twist my arm around and take my fingers out of place yeahh I know freaky..But the for example like one time I had a snow board boot on me and they were a rental and I pulled really hard to get them off lol and...

34 views · Health

should I consider getting emancipated?

I want to get emancipated, and it is not because I don't get along with my mom. It is because the job that I will be holding next summer requires me to be going to college. I will be seventeen when I start college, and I cannot afford to pay for it. An...

32 views · Parents & Family

Whats the wierdest or coolest thing you have found in a new house?

I mean like a house you have just moved into be it new or old rental or owned.
I do house cleans where someone moves out and we clean everything in it. There is always stuff left and we have found things like a fake vagina and trophys even ultrasound p...

52 views · Home & Garden

Verbal Agreement between roommates?

My roommates & I had a verbal agreement for me to not help pay the utility bills They wait almost 2 years without a word, till.. I shared a place with 3 guys. I later landed a job in another state. Before leaving I told the roommates that I wouldn't be...

38 views · Home & Garden

To leave or take back

My husband and I have known each other for the past 13 years (we have been together as a family for the last 9 years) and married for the last 6 years. Our lovelife took a dump ever since our last child was born, who is now 4. Earlier this year I fou...

22 views · Love & Relationships

Which should come first?

My husband and I are planning to built our own house and stop friend thinks this is not a smart choice and she believes that we should instead build houses to rent others.the house I have rented is not spacious enough .the land we own ...

35 views · General Knowledge

Roommate problems

Something happened with my roomate recently, we were not drunk or anything, we were just watching a movie, and he started sliding over to my side...and one thing led to another...we didnt do IT but we were pretty close...anyway, now I have to live with...

9 views · Love & Relationships

How to persuade parents to let me fly to see my boyfriend?He moved away a few years ago, and my parents didn't really ever get to meet him.

We really want to see eachother again. He tried a while ago, but his parents wouldn't let him..I would like to fly to where he lives with my mom, and stay for a few days. I found a good deal on orbitz for $711.00 for the tickets,hotel for while we're t...

51 views · Travel

Eviction, is this legal?

I have a friend who's family was told by their landlord that they had 24 hours to leave the trailer they were renting. In high school I took a class on business law and I am sure that a landlord has to give at least 30 days notice to a renter before ki...

34 views · Home & Garden

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