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what will happen when adding extra eggs to oatmeal raisin cookies?

I am making cookies and I know adding extra eggs to brownies makes it more like cake but what about when adding extra eggs to oatmeal cookies?

67 views · Food & Dining

Who is that model in the commercial and ad of Agua di gioni?

The girl with the blue eyes and dark hair, who is that??

15 views · Beauty & Style

What classifies music as country music?

I was listening to Taylor Swift today. What classifes her music as country? I love Taylor Swift, btw (: Or like Trace Adkins. What classifies it as country?

201 views · Music

Are group members automatically added?

Are group members added automatically? I created a new group, and within seconds it said I had 68 members, but I don't think any of them knew they were members! What is up with this?

12 views · FunAdvice Community

Can Someone Suggest Some Awesome Free Ad Posting Websites?

Can Someone Recommend Some Awesome Globally totally free ad website, so I can Post my add please.

10 views · Computers & Tech

Want to backup and restore my AD

Want a Active Directory Backup software that will allows us to backup or snapshot of our AD and restore individual users/objects from that backup

9 views · Computers & Tech

What you know about "Get Google Ads Free" Ebook.

In the internet I have come accross an ebook which cliam to have google ads free of cost. Do you have any idea about the ebook named as "Get Google Ads Free".

15 views · Jobs & Money

What does ad libs mean

What does ad libs mean yeah thats how you spell it ''ad libs'' my friend is telling me its hard to explain and doesnt want to tell me so I had to ask here

18 views · General Knowledge NSFW

Adding Music

Ok well I got Limewire..and after I download a can I add it to my library on Musicmatch Jukebox

22 views · Computers & Tech

How would you classify the flavour of an onion?

we all know that lemons are bitter and oranges are zingy and suchwhat but how would you describe an onion ???


117 views · Food & Dining

What should I do I like a 18 yr old, ad im 15?

Im 15 and I've known this 18 yr old for 2yrs. I really like him and he likes me. (: what should I do to handle this?

65 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What category are nuts classified as?

Are they: fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, or dairy?

I think they are vegetables, but I'm not sure, what do you guys think?

137 views · Food & Dining

Class Adding

I would like to know the expensive of adding a new class in a University? Along with textbooks, money for professors, etc.

47 views · Education & School

Are friends automatically added?

So now we have a feature where we can see what our friends are doing. Right. Well, why is it that when someone adds me as their friend, it then says on their page I added THEM too, when I never did such a thing? Once someone adds you do you automatical...

13 views · FunAdvice Community

Annoying ad on tv.

What do you think of this ad of cablevision telling you that the time is running out for digital tv and that you have an old tv, I dont wanna to hear that when I turn on my tv.
What do you think about that.

11 views · Entertainment

What are good sites to post my ads?

Where might be some good sites to post my ads for pre-paid credit cards? That is what I do for a living and looking to expand my horizions.

12 views · Jobs & Money

What do you think of the new Burger King ads?

I dont like the new burger king ads talking about salads, its not salads king its called burger king for a reason.What do you think tell me please thank you.

12 views · Food & Dining

What is it really like to go camping ad hiking?

I plan on going with my bf one day. He has been before, but i haven't. I am kind of nervous.

19 views · Travel

friend adding isnt working for me

everytime I try to add sombody on my friend list it says error or it wont do anything at all

13 views · FunAdvice Community

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