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Should I use Bank of America or Wachovia?

Which should I use as an emergency saving account?
Do either offer free electronic transfer?

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Why are banks allowed to charge interest if you pay on time?

Why are banks allowed to charge intrest if you are getting your min. payments on time? I thought intrest was only put on if you are late?

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What banks allow you to start a savings account when you're only 14?

I would like to go with Chase, but I don't know their system.

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How do I smile with my eyes like tyra banks??

I practice in the mirror for modeling and I think my eyes look dead..lls..

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if somebody rob a bank and say that he is crazy he will get away with that?

Like in those cases where the killer kill a lot of people and say is that crazy that will apply if somebody rob a bank or not. What do you think?

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What do you think about couples sharing bank accounts?

What do you think about couples sharing bank accounts? I know some couples who share and other who keep everything separate. Personally, my husband and I have joint accounts. I can see both sides of the issue, but what do you think?

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which banks does not charge monthly fees?

i am tired of paying 10 dollars for each account. I pay 10 for a saving account and 10 for forgot the other one. Both debit cards.

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Can I start bank account without my parent?

I'm 16 and I want to open a bank account now but my mother is currently out of the country for a while. Can I open a bank account with someone who is 18 or older but is not my parent/guardian.

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How long should I wait for a reply from a bank?

I applied for a bank account with Halifax a few weeks ago and they haven't got back to me yet.
How long do they usually take to reply?


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How long does a bank wire transfer take?

How long does a bank wire transfer take? I am waiting on some money and it hasn't arrived yet.
It has been since tuesday of last week and I thought it would only take a few days.

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How much are the piggy banks that are a family of pigs worth?

I know theyre worth something but just unsure, and how much would they be worth without the baby as my sister smashed it lol?

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What would a bank do to meet its required reserves ratio?

Would it increase deposits? To me deposits cannot be increased unless someone makes on so i'm not sure. Any help please?

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How can I convince my mum that putting her bank details aren't going to get stolen everytime she puts them on the internet?

It happened ONCE on eBay and now she's paranoid that everytime it's gonna get stolen? She will NOT listen to me.

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Bank of americaa fax numberr

Bank of america fax number?
I need to fax a letter to bank of america UGRGENTLY!!! and they service hours arent open what is the fax number for the claim center?



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How to set up my online bank account to accept online payments from customers?

Well I wanted to sell my handmade jewelry online but I don't know how to setup my bank account and my website to accept payments. Could anyone tell me how to do that?

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Do you need to have online banking for ebay?

I am with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and I know that you have to register at the actual bank to use online banking, but when you make a bank deposit on eBay to pay for your purchase, do you need to have online banking activated, or is it comple...

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friend has lost her bank card

My friend has lost her bank card and doesnt have an account on here so I said she could use mine.. It went missing the other day, and she needs to no if the bank she is with is coop what bank does she go to, does she need to no her account number and ...

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School to work in a bank?

hi I wanted to work in a bank but im not suer when I go 2 college I have to do business or not because some people say that I dont have to do business only maths and I was confused so could you please help me here...

thank you

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do you think tyra banks can really sing???:}

I luv her but like I saw this video shake ya body of course they played wit her voice..
I just wanna hear your opinion on her and when she sings on her show!!!

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How do I unlock my online banking account?

so my brother tried to hack my bank account and now when i try to check my balance i can't because its locked, the reason being he answered the security questions wrong 3 times in a row and now i can't even get on it without it saying that my account c...

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