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Fire safety

New guy off the internet...

I just started talking to this guy from the internet...he lives in my area and my 2 friends know him. I am going to meet him soon (he lives in my area) and I will be taking my older sister with me...
What should I do for extra safety?
And what are so...

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how should I tell my mom I had sex with my boyfriend when in 15?

okay so im 15 and I've been going out with my boyfriend for 6 months and we started having sex when we were dating for 4 months and I dont no how to tell her becuase I want to go on the pill not cause im scared im pregnant I just want to for safety lol

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Is hitchhiking in the USA recommended?

I'm going to the US next year, is hitchhiking recommended, I've hitchhiked before and most safety tips include taking the registration #, make, colour and model of the vehicle you're getting into and sending it to a friend, but is it sitll recommended ...

40 views · Travel

How Do I Talk My Mom Into Getting Me Cellphone??

All my friends have one and I'm on safety patrol and when my grandma is late I have to call on the school phone.I really want a cell phone.Even my younger cousins that are 8 and 10 have cell phones.

56 views · Parents & Family NSFW

What///is normal to have period 1 week after sex??

is normal to have period 1 week after sex my periods date is 24 ,25 every month after end of my period I do sex on 30th nov now after sex my periods starts again on 9th dec I do sex without any safety but I take pill of unwanted 72 so is this ok or any...

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Send someone a cheque dont get what brough wot do I do?

What can you do if you sent someone a cheque and its Cleared, and the'v not sent you what you brough within 3 weeks what can I do about it? is there a way of geting my money back??

What if I sent them Cash?.. and they didnt send me what I brought, c...

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spaying a Yorkie

My female Yorkie just turned 6 months old. When is the best time to have her spayed? Also, someone suggested having it done at a shelter, as they might be cheaper. Any feedback on this? I do need to balance safety with price- how do I find the right v...

238 views · Pets & Animals

Are there any jet ski racers out here?

I have really been involved with stand up jet skiing for the last two summers and am considering racing. I feel aprhensive though because of the whole safety issue. Does anyone have any words of wisdom or pep talks for me to get me motivated?

19 views · General Knowledge

What is your opinion on hunting?

Today I took a hunter's safety class and they told us to respect everyone's opinion on hunting. Do you like hunting or hate it? Would you rather hunt like how the Indians did or stick with guns and stuff? Do you agree that we should not take more than ...

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why couldnt the people on the plane stop 9/11

I dont want to sound disrespectful to people who lost family or friends in the 9/11 crashes but why didnt the people rise up against the terrorist they only had boxcutters and a low number of them and then the flight attendent could fly to safety. sor...

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How long do I have to wait to stretch the hole??

I've pierced my bellybutton with a safety pin and been cleaning it with "Ear Care Antiseptic" from claire's im wondering when is the best time to switch and how to stretch the hole??

I dont want to hear the bs about me doing it b...

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How do you spell "Visen Vergun"?

It's a German choral song. I know some of the lyrics are between the mount and the deep deep veil in English. It's basically about rabbits eating green grass. A hunter spots them, they run off and hop to safety. Might anyone know where I can find this ...

33 views · Sex

Where and how does an individual get a permit to carry a 13 inch knife in Pennsylvania?

I have recently gotten into the habit of exploring abandoned buildings within 20 miles or so of where I live. I admit that this isn't exactly the safest thing. Some homeless people live in places like that as well as some crazy people. I don't really c...

32 views · General Knowledge

Are Americans the new enemy of America?

With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act comes the passage into law a provision authorizing the POTUS to detain citizens indefinitely whom he feels are a danger to the state. Look in the mirror... is that visage staring back at you a...

43 views · Politics & Law

Any suggestions on self piercings?

I'm going to do a lip piercing myself...I've had a lot of friends do it so I kind of know how, but I'm not completely sure. What should I use? I've heard a safety pin but I don't know. How do you know if the size of the ring will fit the piercing? Is t...

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How do you think ill do in football you think I should go for it ?

Well im 14 and next year ill be a freshmen in highschool I plan on playing football these are my main postitons:cornerback free safety or wide reciever im 5'8 and I wiegh in 121lbs do you think I can play running back at that size!? Please help!!!

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What should I write for a River Rafting presentation?

I have to make this powerpoint presentation about River Rafting. I need 9 slides in it, but I don't know what I should right about, I've already done History, Tricks, Safety, River Rafting in Bali, and my front page. Now I'm stuck on what to say. I rea...

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What should we do about the distance?

My boyfriend is in California and wants to move over here with me before the baby is born.
I know the father should be here all the time but it kind of makes me feel bad because all of his family is over in CA and he has a great job over there.


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Crop Circles

I watched a video that was made by an ex major for the united states army. he said that earth is going to go through a series of earthquakes tsunamis and other catastrophic natural disasters. he said that aliens have mapped out the planet and put crop ...

37 views · Environmental Issues

Bellybutton piercing

I just pierced my own bellybutton with a safety pin. I did sterilize the pin... And I have been keeping it clean with rubbing alcohol, some kind of peroxide, and this stuff called bacteine, all which claim to prevent infections...

The area is a little...

72 views · Beauty & Style

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