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How bad is it that I can not stand my fiancee's 10 year old?

My fiancee has three kids. A 16 year old adopted boy, a 10 year old girl and a 4 year old girl. I really enjoy spending time with the 16 year old and the 4 year old but I am beginning to get where I dont even want to look at the 10 year girl. Dont get ...

57 views · Kids

Funny thing to do when people make fun of you?

So I just started a new school this year and most of the girls there hate me for absolutely no reason. They all wanna fight me for no reason. Even though they would like murderr me . They call me names everyday and write mean things about me in almost ...

38 views · Love & Relationships

My wife thinks im a cheater

Me and my wife have been married for a year now.
We had our first really big fight and ended up kicking me out of the house.
I have no where to go so I went up to this lake house where my parents are living.
I even took my brother-in-law along for t...

44 views · Love & Relationships

Babys first words

My god daughter will be 18 months old the beginning of august, she already says tons of words, but we are trying to teach her some more, what are some words that would be easy for a baby to learn?

The words she already says- mama, woof woof, pup pu...

34 views · Kids

What are some tips to lose weight?

please take the time to read this all to help me out please.

here are some stats-
I am 5'2. 130 pounds. I am a lacto-ovo vegitarian. for those of you who don't know what that is. it means that I DO NOT EAT ANY ANIMALS. including fish (they are very mu...

48 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Am I obsessed with England and English things?

When I was little, my mom watched British period dramas and I researched British culture and I fell in love with the culture. My favorite Youtubers are English. I love Adele, Birdy, Florence + the machine, and some of Ed Sheeran and coldplay. I love...

75 views · General Knowledge

Einsteins riddle?

Can someone answer this riddle please =)

I don't think anyone would solve this but anyways here you go, this is Einsteins riddle:

- In a street there are five houses, painted five different colors.

- In each house lives a person of...

107 views · Education & School

what is the craziest thing you have ever done

haha, the craziest thing I have ever done was when me and my best friend went to rodizio's wearing feathery boa's and huge sunglasses. we took a glove filled with water and we drew a smiley face on it and had them sing 'happy birthday' to it (they were...

62 views · General Knowledge

Crush Issue, Should I move on?

Alright there is this guy who is a senior at my school who seems to be really anti-social. I thought he was pretty cute and I finally got an opportunity to go talk to him. I saw him sitting by himself doing nothing so I came up and asked if I could sit...

15 views · Sex

Why don't people belive in life everywhere?

In the Bhagavad-Gita Krsna says there is life everywhere in the universe, on every planet and moon. There are advanced civilizations, much more advanced than us on almost every planet. On the moon there is an advanced civilization that lives for 10,0...

42 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How weird is it that I don't like most guy things yet I am straight and I also have not much interest in having sex?

I don't like football, hockey, baseball, Nascar or any racing, Wrestling or boxing, golf, fishing, hunting or anything outdoor type of activity, going to bars, poker etc. It gets worse. I don't find what
the big deal is about sexual intercourse is no...

37 views · Sex

Why are certain questions deleted off this site?

For instance, I saw a question asked titled 'Can birds fly?'.
Now I know, my first opinion was this guy is an idiot, but trying to give advice I said ' well, most can'. I then decided I'll find a list of birds that can't fly to elaborate on my previous...

21 views · FunAdvice Community

Will he forgive me? Will he call me?

I have been seeing this extremely fluental guy for 3 years, he said I am everything a man could ever want in a guy, I am a taurus and he is a pisces, I am normally loyal, and trustworthy, however, I did some snooping around on the internet and enterta...

19 views · Love & Relationships

Why do I have insane panic attacks whenever I see my parents after doing slighlty sexual things

I'm 16 and I've been with my boyfriend one and a half years. We haven't done anything sexual but I feel ready too. However when we try and take a tiny baby step forward (like trying to do any foreplay or little things like that) I will be completely fi...

48 views · Sex

My jack dempsey sits on the bottom of the tank

I have 1 jack dempsey, an albino and a black oscar. The 2 oscars are always swimming around but the jack just sits on the bottom on the tank. Im kinda worried, is that normal? He hardly ever moves, but I've had him for about 6 months now and he seams a...

623 views · Pets & Animals

How to manage going back to school after almost being raped?

This guy has been stalking me at school and today he came up and talked to me. He seemed really cool; he was the shy type. I told him I needed to go home and he said no. I kinda laughed and said "No seriously I have to be home in 10 mins. Bye." And I s...

21 views · Health

Was there life before Adam and Eve?

I know all of the theories that Adam and Eve (I even know about Lilith) were the very first two humans upon this Earth but there is a word in the Bible that does not sit well with this theory and is damn near cotradictory in this matter. That word woul...

284 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Itchy Nipple

I am 43 years old and female.
For most of my life my left nipple has been CONSTANTLY itchy.
From young teenager to nursing mother to full-on adult, this has been a noticeable anomaly, and I cannot remember it ever NOT itching... it's just a matter ...

251 views · Health

My father died. And I need help to get over my regret

3 years ago my dad died and we werent that close becucause he was a big truck driver and gone all the time and when I was 2 they split up its been hard these past few years and everytime I cry over the same thang regret I never treated him like I was s...

96 views · Parents & Family

How much are these worth?

The team is los angeles raiders.

Head coach art shell (hall of fame and first african american couch in modern nfl history)

Art shell (superbowl supermen and nominated for the all time superbowl team)

Bo jackson (one of the 3 raider who have ...

49 views · Sports & Activities

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