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BT Vision- Start up HELP! please

hii I just got bt vision and I just plugged it in

buh all the conneections are right and everything
when I started it up... it made a noise then when on a type of standby mode this happend on two occasions when I done it

now I tried again and ...

96 views · Computers & Tech

What should I get my Girl for xmas?

okay, so my girlfriend and I havent been dating for too long, but we've been talking for a long time. Anyways, she's 19, and I'm 16. Well Christmas is coming up and she got her heart set on getting me a pricey gift. like $100-$200. I hate accepting gif...

32 views · Shopping

The smell is driving me insane!!! Please help!!!

Well about 5 months ago back in jan. ,a week after I had just had my period me and my boyfriend had sex. He as well as I noticed that I was smellin like fish down there. I had just gotten out of the shower before we did anything ,and I've always bn rea...

29 views · Sex

What's a healthy weight loss?

I am a 15 year old boy with a serious weight problem. Recently I've lost 5 pounds because I've been taking daily walks and watching what I eat. I just got a dog and so he's my weight loss partner ^.^ I weigh a whopping 255 pounds right now. And I ...

45 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Making me sick

Ok so this is probably going to seem like a stupid cry for help but..!

My sister's 14 and ever since she started cooking in Home Economics at school she bakes almost every day.
She's a good cook most of the time but insists that I test all her exp...

36 views · Food & Dining

Why does he treat me like this? I've been friends with this family for quite awhile, going on nine years. so that means weve been real close since I was eight years old. theyre like my second family. my best friends moms boyfriend (who has been around the entire time)...

40 views · Love & Relationships

Is it wrong of me to get angry with my mom and cousins about giving our boat away (read)?

As a lot of you may know, my father passed away suddenly this april. We have a boat & we used to go out on the lake & fish a lot, just me & him. Those are a lot of my memories with him on that boat. When he passed, my cousin (mind you who is very irres...

14 views · Parents & Family

What should I do when he's gone?

Ok so my boyfriend tracked to another country for 3-5 days.. I haven't talked to him in 10 hours and I'm depressed.. I was quiet all day... I kept hearing my mobile ring but it wasn't :s I cried 3 times and here I am crying again.. His mobiles off beca...

7 views · Love & Relationships

Why doesn't he get the message, god?

Ok there's a guy im my school(he is hot and nice and I hang around with him. He is a rrally popular guy though) and he likes me. Like, enough to go out with me. The other week I was like, "dude, theres otha fish in the sea.go and find 'em, man." this i...

43 views · Love & Relationships

What - Could I get diabetes if I keep eating like this?

This is what I'd usually eat on a weekend...
Breakfast - Toast or bacon sarnies
Lunch - Ham sandwich & orange squash
Snacks - Rich tea biscuits/shortbread biscuits/choc hob nob biscuts or 1/2 packets of crisps & water, sometimes scrambled egg or a ban...

30 views · Health

Depression trouble

I've been feeling really depressed lately. It just started like a week ago but its affecting my every day life because I dont feel like doing anything but lay in my bed. Im struggling to force myself to type right now.

The problem is that my family is...

18 views · Health

50 question survey

Take this survey

1. First off, what's your name? ASHLEY

2. Okay, but what does your best friend call you? ASHLEY OR JUST ASH

3. Have you ever kissed someone with braces? NO

4. Who is the fourth received call on your call log? MY MOM

45 views · General Knowledge

Believe it or not...I wrote a poem!

Right on valentines day I felt original just writing out a card for me girlfriend, so thought I would put a poem in, now the last time I wrote a poem was way back in school so was fearing the worst but she seemed to like it and I was showing one of her...

35 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Why won't the government legalize marijuana?

Well, I Just have to ask. It bothers me so much to see how people hate pot so much. For one, no ones EVER ODed on it, No ones ever DIED from it unless they were stupid enough to go do something stupid, Everyones always happy and peacful on it. I just h...

263 views · Politics & Law

Will this be safe and will it work?

So, I need to lose weight before school starts and I also need to tone up a bit.
And I was wondering what you think about this eating and exersie plan.
Ok first exersie:

Day 1: do at least one hour of aerobic activity. You can an evening walk, go ...

26 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What's a proper weight for my age and height?

I am a 5'8" 46 yr. old man. I have been active in sports, working out with personal trainers etc all of my life... However, the last 6 years. I haven't played any sports or worked out @ a gym... I have moved to the USA (WV) about 6 or so years. ago an...

133 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why am I suddenly becoming more violent around my period?

ok, lately I have noticed a pattern forming in my temper, and my periods.

I don't know why?? I have two brothers, and we ALWAYS used to play fight...and sometimes it would get VERY aggresive...and very OTT... you know, to the death stuff.

however, la...

64 views · Health

How can people say that god doesnt exist?

My question is how can anyone say that god doesnt exist? I dont get it. I mean seriously look around you everywhere. The sky, stars, moon, sun, grass, dirt, people, flowers, birds, oceans, lakes, rivers, fish. And science can not prove the bible wrong....

46 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Same guy different problem

Ok so the guy that I talked about in one of my previous question is still in my life. Here's the thing me & him have been through it all. I fell in love with him & at one point at time I thought he was all I needed until I matured & realized there is m...

17 views · Love & Relationships

Why are people so discriminative now a days?

I just dont understand. All my life I have grown up seing my borther and my mom and dad get discriminated. My brother is in wheelchair and he cant talk and has mental retardetion and before he went ont eh meshines people stared at hima dn said poor hi...

15 views · General Knowledge

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