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Can a rabbit be safe with cedar chips or cypress?

I know, I know, I shouldn't have a rabbit outdoors, but I do! The pen area is huge, with a 3 story condo, 2 shelters, a tree, surrounded on 3 sides by my me, it's all good! My question is whether or not a rabbit can be safe with cedar c...

177 views · Pets & Animals

What to do with a Lost Cat!

So I got home from work this morning and as I stepped out of my car this furry black cat came running up to me and started rubbing up on my legs wanting attention. Im not aloud to have animals in my condo, but the little guy followed me upstairs and wh...

28 views · Pets & Animals

My boyfriend is coming home from camp for a day..what should I do/wear?

OK! so, I am 13 and my boyfriend of 5 months is away at camp for two months. But he is coming home for one day for intersession. I have missed him like crazy and I wasnt able to talk to him anyway besides writing letters. we are in a pretty deep relati...

42 views · Love & Relationships

What is this song?

Okay so I was watching the new guy (for like the 130th time) and I decided to get some music from the movie. I was writing down lyrics and googling them but some I couldn't find. One of these set of lyrics goes "yoouur life. Is going nowhere fast." it'...

11 views · Music

What are some good pranks to do at school?

for students and teachers the only two i did so far are rlly gross, i got some melted chochlet and this yellow hair oil that stunk almost like pea and i smeared it all over the toilet seats and stood in front of the sink pretending to look in the mirro...

24 views · Entertainment

What are some activities my boyfriend and I can do that I can add to my "ABC" scrapbook?

So I am making my boy friend an ABC Scrapbook where for every letter we are going to do a different activity together and ill take picture and scrapbook it :) Can you help me think of the diferent activities we could do?

I have some letters. Can y...

31 views · Love & Relationships

Quiz for everyone #2

Are you:boy or girl?
Mug or cup?
Bully's or us marines (LOL)?
drowning or burning?
speakers or earphones?
Cafeteria or subway?
nerds or sweet tarts?
fish or lizard?
motorcycle or car?
$1.50 gas or $8.00 gas?
rich or middle class (which would you rather...

46 views · General Knowledge

What can I do about my in laws...They are ruining my marriage?

My mother in law calls at the buttcrack of dawn, just so I wake up, because I am up till 2 am. Have been for 45 years. It's not changing now. She says bad things about me to my husband, who she's constantly calling over to "fix things" around the ho...

52 views · Sex

How do I create a workspace in a small room?

Okay. So I have a small room and on one wall, is my bed, an across is a window so I can't put anything there. On the wall the Edge of my bed is facing, there is a bookshelf, and on the wall with a window, there is my desk, then the window, then next to...

38 views · Home & Garden

I have a dissfigured ligament, what do I do

well, back in early january I was tackled but a big guy, and he dissfigured my ligament in my right hand, my thumb is still quite stiff and it can be hard to move it sometimes, and it still hurts and it is also still quite bruised around the area it ha...

13 views · Health

What do you think of my lyrics?

(soft acoustic song)
You said go home
But I hate being all alone
You’re my everything
More than I ever wanted
There’s plenty of fish in the sea
So the waters Is where you’ll find me
After all you said it’s for the best
But comparisons are easil...

35 views · Music

what is the Vaginal odor right before and after my menstral about?

Ok so I have had this problem for over close to 3 years now maybe less. and I've gone to the doctors and havent found anyone who has the same problem. I take very good care of my hygen espceially down there, so for the life of me I cant figure out what...

50 views · Health

Do you support my dream to become a pirate?

What would your opinion be of a pirate who overtook other pirate's boats, stole all their money and other valuables, but sunk all their cargo, I.e. illegal drugs, etc?

I want to be a pirate and sail the sea and live a free life untethered by any man o...

37 views · Jobs & Money

My body suddenly became muscular with no workout?

Ok so i'm 16, male, 5'5" I skateboard and i'm a gamer. I've gotten used to my skinny build but a couple of weeks ago my body suddenly became muscular.. I started to notice my muscles are toned and I may or may not have abs, its kinda like its there but...

39 views · Nutrition & Fitness

he's been a bit weird..

ok soo the the story is I liked mah ex again for the past 3 months.. when I try to talk to him about it or even hint that I liked him he acted cold towards me like a month ago. so I just gave up thinkin that there are plenty of fish in the sea. but on ...

41 views · Love & Relationships

Extreme tightness in chest?

So, I went to the shop today and when I was walking my chest suddenly started to feel tight. I wasn't tired from the “exercise” it's just that my chest felt like it could contain less air than it should, if that makes sense. A few minutes later breathi...

103 views · Health

Do you think these halloween party games are ok for 15-18yrs?

Truth or dare, scavanger hunt, ghostly walk, halloween trivia, atmosphere(dvd scary board game), pinyata, most monstorous makeover(face paints, the girls get to make over the boys), making a monster(you get to create a monster out of balloons, old cost...

41 views · Entertainment

Why does my PUPPY! keep trying to mount me?

today my puppy mounted me twice today. and its weird cuz like he always jumps and climbs on me and wags his tail and licks me so i thought he was playing but then when i get up and turn around to walk away he does it again but this time he wraped his a...

59 views · Pets & Animals

Why are so many christian rituals the same as pagan ones?

This question is for you believers out there.

If the story of christ is true, how do you explain that all of the basic components of the story already existsed in many pagan religions long before the birth of christ.

Most people relaize and ...

42 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

The smell is driving me insane!!! Please help!!!

Well about 5 months ago back in jan. ,a week after I had just had my period me and my boyfriend had sex. He as well as I noticed that I was smellin like fish down there. I had just gotten out of the shower before we did anything ,and I've always bn rea...

29 views · Sex

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