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Do I just have to move on?

Ok I met this guy through a friend and I thought he was cute but nothing actually ever happened. Then I ran into him at my friend's party and we started talking and he drove me home, turns out he's in a long distance relationship...his girlfriend lives...

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I emailed his wife...

Ken and I fell in love 7 years ago in New York. Three months later he moved in with me in Los Angeles. He said he had been separated from his wife for years before we got together, he had lived in Florida and North Carolina and had a long term relati...

30 views · Love & Relationships

One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love...

Baked beans
One day I met a sweet gentleman and fell in love. When it became apparent that we would marry, I made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.
Some months later, on my birthday, my car broke down on the way home from work. Since I lived in ...

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How can I stop suffocating in my family?

I can't take it anymore!! I'm suficating in this family I want to move away or kill them all or something. In this "loving" family I'm a burden, or so everyone says. I'm bad luck, a black sheep, a stick in the mud. I don't belong in this family...

115 views · Parents & Family

Boss from hell...what can I do..please help

Im in a situation that I dont really know what to do with. I feel like Im stuck in it really because I need the money and the insurance..and the economy sucks right now, so it isn't that easy to just find a new job.
What is basically happening is, I ...

17 views · Jobs & Money

Are these muscle spasms a type of seizure?

I'm 20 years old. When I was about 6 or 7 I was diagnosed with partial complex seizure disorder and epilepsy. My seizures never got that bad that I remember, my mom never put me on medication because she always told me the side effects were really bad....

40 views · Health

What should I do about these guys?

Alright, heres the deal. I go to a school almost an hour away from where I live. Crazy? Yes. But hey, its a good, respected school. Thats not the problem. The problem is that, all of a sudden, a couple guys started chasing me around like horny dogs wit...

35 views · Love & Relationships

Long Survey, Just to Pass Time

When did you last cry? Yesterday. Hey I am truthful but when it comes to my boyfriend doing something mean, then I cry.

What was the reason you last cried? I was raped 3 years ago to this day and my boyfriend knows about it and he doesn't know how ...

50 views · General Knowledge

Does anyone know how this depression feels?

I feel like I have an interesting case. I am going to be very curt and frank in this post, so that whoever sees this and answers may understand my entire perspective.. therefore, please don't think that I am being arrogant, or haughty.

I am a 20 yea...

34 views · Health

Childs biological father is inconsistant

My son is four and his dad and I broke up when he was one. He started out taking him 2 nights a week. He was irresposible, like by not putting a coat on him in 14 degree weather.
Out of desperation to have the father involved I always remined him about...

58 views · Parents & Family

How do I approach my mom about this?

I am 16 years birthday is 3/26/93. I am dating a guy who just turned 21 yesterday, on 2/16 (born in 1989). His name is Brian. We have been together for 10 months about (with no official date)...and we have been sexually active for almost as l...

118 views · Sex

My wife hates sex

ok so I've been married for four months, had a pretty short relationship before we were married ( like 7 months). Before we were married our sex life was so so.. there was some physical problems that caused sex to "hurt" her and we went to the doc to g...

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Can you pray for my Mother too?

My mom is really sick and in the hospital.
She's had pneumonia a few times within the past 2 or 3 years. And needed oxygen. Then her insurance ran out, and her meds ran out and by the time we got them all back, she felt horrible, so we called 911. She...

25 views · FunAdvice Community

Am I just being too suspicious of my husband?

I am married to a man I have known almost 30 years. (platonic)Third marriage for both of us. We have been married a little over two years. Right from the beginining we had problems.He is not the person I thought he was.We argue often because I am const...

127 views · Sex

The Confederate flag--Why?

Why is it that people from the southwest use the confederate flag? I went to basic combat training in SC, and in one "class" they asked if anyone thought that it was racist to put the Confederate flag on their car or for it to be flown in front of fede...

121 views · Sex

What do you think of my Prologue and 1st. chapter?

[BEFORE you Read I just wanna say B honest whats really wrong with it? And it does contain cursing but I used a(n) X to block it out,and SORRY ITS SOOO LONG lol!!!]

"See My Story don't start off with once upon a time, I'm gon keep it 100...

27 views · Art, Writing & Literature

My current situation -_- please read and help ...LONG!

OK So first thing first, my mother is and idiot, to put it lightly. She looks for love in all the wrong places, she was at one point making over 100 000 dollars a year with benefits beyond belief, and she was a foster mother with good connections. In h...

39 views · Love & Relationships

Should I move out to keep my sanity, or stay and go nuts?

Hey Everyone,

Being the scape goat in the family I have been tormented, abused (physically, mentally, emotionally and any other way possible) and ripped to pieces inside over the years of my life. I am 18 very soon to be 19 and I am losing my sanity h...

156 views · Sex

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