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How to survive a breakup

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Parents and living situation

Okay...So Here is my situation My mom and dad are divorced...I lived with my mom, she is a single parent so its been hard the last three years... weve been moving in with my aunt and her family... there are my aunt and uncle, and three kids, that are n...

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Advice on parents & pregnancy.

I need some advice.
I am not 100% sure if I am or not pregnant. I have every symptom except for tender breast & missed period. I am going tommorrow to the doctor to have a test & take further steps into which ever result I get. I need help though. My ...

16 views · Sex

17 with one supporting parent moving out in Cali?

Would you move out?

I am 17 and graduating this year. Both my parents have been physically and mentally abusive to me & lil bro and CPS (child protective services) had to get involved. I have a huge health issue and hopefully by fall when I start scho...

5 views · Parents & Family

Issue with my boyfriend stealing

I been with my boyfriend a little over 4 years. He hasnt kept a job more then 3 months and is a thief and constant liar. I know im stupid to stay with him but I broke it off like 5 imes on and off but he knows how to have me right back in his arms. I l...

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What should I do after catching my husband at a bar?

I work pm shift and have come home and my husbands not home and he wont answer his phone.I call the babysitter and he still hasnt picked up the kids. So in the wee morning hours he comes home drunk. So last friday I took off work and went to his job 3 ...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Just A Dream, story I wrote

This is a story I just wrote, and one of my first, so its not great, but its based on a dream I had. Will you read this and tell me what you think?

Im searching everywhere in this crappy motel. Looking for grandpa. He couldn't have left me, could...

29 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What should I do to become independant from my father?

Well I'm 18 years old and I have a drunk father and a loving mother. For 18 years my dad has hurt me, my mother, and the rest of my family. I warned him that when I turned 18 that I would leave him if he wouldn't stop bringing whiskey in the house.I ha...

33 views · Parents & Family

Which appartment should I get?...

well here is the thing, I am 21 with a two year old daughter. Have not yet had my own place. I finally got a good job (an hour away from where I live) and am ready to get an apartment. I need a two bedroom b/c of my daughter. There are two I'm looking ...

14 views · Home & Garden

Hillary, pandering again?

Hillary, that gun shootin', hard drinkin' gal is at it again...
I guess we can pry that gun out of charlton heston's hands, and place it into hillary’s. the mayor of philadelphia, a clinton supporter, has proposed new laws to get the most lethal autom...

70 views · Politics & Law

why doesnt he trust me anymore?

this morning me and my boyfriend(or I guess I can call him my fiance seeing we are pretty much engaged), were looking at cars on craigslist and we came upon a dodge and I was like oh dave has the same kind of truck and he was like I dont "F" care why w...

58 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think (Yes I'm Stacy but I dont want to rewrite it)

MY question: What do you make of what Stacy’s mom said yesterday about the 99 cent store and today and give details?

FIRST PART (WHICH HAPPENED APRIL 30, 2008): Stacy and her mom went to Kohl’s Department store. Stacy had two pairs of pants in her ...

51 views · Shopping

how do I overcome my shyness when im with my boyfriend and his fri

I am so terribly shy and the guy who I have known for about 4 years now (and dated for 2 months 2 years ago) asked me out this morning and I said yea, so we're dating now and its all very exciting and everything... but a little bit before that he also ...

38 views · Love & Relationships

I have a hard life?

I hate saying this because I know there are so many others that have it so much worse than me.

But it still doesn't make me feel better. Life can be just so. damn. hard. I feel like I'm fighting for my life on a daily basis. I am fighting for a ...

16 views · General Knowledge

How can I stop hurting myself and fix my life.

Cutting/burning and Depression has taken control of me. I have been cutting for 3 years, on my ankles, upper thighs, hips, sides of my tummy, and on my hands. I also have been burning myself. I take something metal, anything, and heat it up with a ligh...

25 views · Health

Why are my parents so stressed over nothing?

I apologize if many of my questions are usually about my parents but bear with me, I live in a dysfunctional family

Anyways, my family always works like have to ask for the vehicle before taking it to have to say goodbye...while ...

99 views · Parents & Family

How to help a suicidal friend?

Everyone knows that it isnt a good thing to want to commit suicide!! But my friend wants to sorta commit she just feels there isnt really any reason for living because everyone (family members) is alwas talking about her parents..(her par...

32 views · Health

What am I supposed to do now?

Okay, my dad and I have been fighting a lot. I'm extremely stressed and have know idea what to do. We have no money and already lost our truck. =/ I've known sense September 2009 that we were going to move; my dad didn't say where, but I assumed close ...

10 views · Parents & Family

Planning My Future But Quite Muddled...I Need Help!!

I want and need a lot of things:piercings,tattoos,a roomy home,a nice car that doesn't f*** up so easily,etc etc. That costs MONEY which is something that I am quite low on currently. I have a couple things in mind of what I want to be when I am older:...

34 views · Jobs & Money

Should I stay in this unequal marriage?

I have been married now for 26 years. We both always worked and different shifts. In the beginning I did not mind. I had friends and family to keep busy with. Then a few years later the kids came. When the kids came nothing changed. He never help...

32 views · Sex

Lost in Incorporation

Hi. I am opening a small business (service). I heard that incorporating as type S corporation is the best tax move. I went to Legalzoom, got horrified by final prices ($800!). Then went to cheaper sites, still too expensive. Got slammed by telemarketin...

16 views · Jobs & Money

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