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Yawning asleep

How can I stay asleep, once I fall asleep?

Since coming home from Israel, I can fall asleep easily, but always wake up a few hours later. What can I do to get a full 8 hours of sleep?

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How to fall asleep faster at night?

How can I get to sleep at night faster? It takes forever!! What should I do?

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How to get the zzz's when my Sim is asleep?

How do I get those zzz's when a sim is sleeping to go away on the sims3?

10 views · Gaming & Games NSFW

What are some good 'fall asleep to' Cd's or albums?

Or atleast your favorite to listen to?

37 views · Music

Why is it when you start falling asleep in class and your body twitches?

I had that today in class and it was weird.

55 views · Health

How long does it take for a person to fall asleep?

It takes me hours... Maybe I am just manic

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Does anybody know anything I can do to fall asleep faster

Does anybody know anything I can do to fall asleep faster because I have a really hard time falling asleep

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Why we yawn when were sleepy

Lol my dad wants to know why we yawn when were sleepy if anyone knows thankx for the answer

20 views · Health

what does it mean when someone wants you to stay on the phone with them until they fall asleep?

is that just being friendly or is there more 2 it?

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what is it called when guys fall asleep after sex?

its post something narkolepsi. does anyone know?

29 views · Sex

What is a good way to fall asleep fast without pills?

What is a good way to fall asleep fast without pills? I need to fall asleep fast and now! help me please

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what) can I learn while im asleep?

I sleep a lot in school and I still make good grades. can I still learn while im asleep?

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What helps you fall asleep?

I never sleep, I guess I'm just a night owl or something hahaa
What helps you fall asleep?

15 views · Health

What is the best way to fall asleep?

I've tried counting backwards, and that just makes me more alert! Any suggestions?

23 views · Health

How come I've been so restless when trying to fall asleep at night lately?

I haven't been doing anything different.

42 views · Health

Is it bad I have to masturbate to fall asleep?

so if I masturbate I can fall asleep really quickly but if I don't I toss and turn for a long time. Is this weird or is it ok?

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Can't fall asleep

I'll try to go to sleep at 11pm but I usually don't fall asleep until after 1 am. I'll just be laying there for hours still awake. How do I fall asleep quickly?

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Why does my girlfriend yawn while on her period?

I have a ?. My girlfriend always yawns a lot during her monthly cycle and then stops when it is over. Can you give me some clue to why this happens? Please she thinks she is weird.

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