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Voice lessons

i get along with the voices inside my head

24 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What are all the types of voices for singing?

for example, soprano. =)

74 views · Music

How can I fix my singing voice?

My singing voice is alittle naselly. How can I fix it so it my singing voice isn't?

30 views · Music

Voice Change

How long does it take for a male's voice to change completely.

20 views · Health

what can help your voice

what can help your voice before you sing like water or something

11 views · Music

Adam Lambert has the most amazing voice!!! Who agrees with me??

Do you agree that Adam Lambert has an incredible voice???

48 views · Music NSFW

How can I get my voice back?

how do I get my voice back I been hoarse from yelling in mic.

46 views · Health

Should I give these lessons up

I am not enjoying my health and social care lessons should I give it up ?

13 views · Education & School

Transfer all text and voice messages to computer?

Need to transfer all text and voice messages to computer???

28 views · Computers & Tech

My Chemical Romance drowning lessons

What was 'Drowning Lessons' originally named?

11 views · Music

How to have a good voice?

I love singing but my voice is like crap

15 views · Music

How can I get a good voice?

i want to know about making good voice

38 views · Music

How do I change the narrator voice in my Vista Software from "Anna" to a male voice?

It does not appear that the Vista software came with any other voices. Where, or how,
do I get another voice to replace the "Anna" Voice?

44 views · Computers & Tech

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