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Where on earth can I buy red authentic women's size 4 Van's shoes?

i have looked on literally every website and cannot find a pair. size 4, red authentic vans?
please help me!

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How do I get baby powder off my black vans?

My little cousin poured baby powder all over my nice black vans. I tried getting it off with a wash cloth, but when it dried it looked the same. Any ideas would be greatly appriciated!

901 views · Beauty & Style

Who thinks Joran van der Sloot also murdered Natalee Halloway?

He's admitted to killing Stephanie Flores, who went missing the same night as Natalee. Coincidence?

14 views · General Knowledge

Is Aiden going to be at the 2009 Vans Warped Tour?

On Aiden's official website their tour dates are all with Vans Warped Tour this year but when I go to the official Warped Tour site they're not listed as one of the bands playing. Does anyone know for sure if Aiden is playing at Warped Tour this year?

42 views · Music

What kind of van does Juno drive in the movie?

If you've seen the movie Juno, I was wondering if you could tell me what kindof van Juno drives? I fell in love with that van! I'd love to find one.

Does anyone know what kindof van it is? Can anyone help me out here?! Lol.


670 views · Entertainment

Does selling rental properties require capital gain payment?

My father has owned his rental property for over four years, and he was wondering if he sells the rental house, does he have to pay captial gain even though he's going to buy another rental property right away with the money he's gained from the rental...

123 views · Home & Garden

Are rentals are cheaper in expensive markets than buying now?

Are rentals are cheaper in expensive markets than buying now? It certainly seems so...from what my husband showed me, we could rent a house for $5,000 that would sell for more than two million, with a mortgage of more than $12,000 monthly. Doesn't that...

29 views · Home & Garden

What exactly does the rental price on an apartment mean?

So I'm looking to rent an apartment next year and I was wondering, do the prices they display mean you have to pay that much each month or is it for a set time? Like a rental price of $5,000 will get you 1 month or get you 6 months or something like that?

30 views · General Knowledge

Did Van Halen remix their song "Jump"?

am trying to see if some1 comes across Van Halen's "Jump" if they did indeed do it remixed. Please still list a lot remixed songs, because I love them!!! and I want to lose some huge weight like 75 lbs at least! Thank you! =)

10 views · Music

How do I go about renting a cheap as van in NZ?

I'm going on holiday over Christmas around New Zealand because I actually haven't been anywhere in my own country (tisk tisk). All of the campervan rental websites are around $100 a day which a- I don't want to spend that much and b- I don't need a cam...

22 views · Travel

How to wear Vans high tops?

So today, I saw a really cute pair of Vans (light blue) high tops and they were on sale and on impulse I decided to buy them. Unfortunately, I don't know what to wear them with and I'm not the punk type so I don't have too many punk clothing in my clos...

247 views · Beauty & Style

Where can I find a listing for summer/vacation rental homes?

I want to find a listing for summer or vacation rental homes in the that are rent-only and not timeshares. I would like somewhere with a golf course or some sort of open land around it. I only want to rent for a few weeks of the year and I don't want...

19 views · Home & Garden

How do you know what a fair rental price is?

I'm looking to move from the house I'm renting right now to a new location - trouble is, when I see the posted rental prices, it seems like they're too expensive.

Is it typical to negotiate a rental price before moving into a new house? If so, what ...

18 views · Home & Garden

White silver star vans

So, ihave the white vans with silver stars on them...I've had them since like june2008, iusually wash them when iwash my colored clothes and they never seem to get much cleaner to me.

If I put bleach on them, would the stars get messed up or would it...

14 views · Beauty & Style

Does Anneliese van der Pol talk Dutch?

Anneliese van der Pol (Chelsea in Thats So Raven) was born in Holland; but moved to California when she was 2.
I was wondering if she can talk Dutch, for exampe with her parents? I was looking for it on the internet but I couldn't really find anythin...

1525 views · Entertainment

Anyone have advice about owning a rental property?

With housing prices falling, we are looking to move to a nicer neighborhood. Trouble is, we will probably have a hard time selling our present house, so we are thinking of hanging onto it and renting it out. Anyone know how this would affect applying ...

7 views · Home & Garden


I own rental property that I have been depreciating for some time and I am planning to retire in the next year or two and would like to sell the property before then. I would like to somehow use the profits to help my son purchase a home. Most likely ...

47 views · Home & Garden

Who should be held responsible for the theft of a Van Gogh painting from a museum in Cairo?

The thefts were made possible because only 7 of the 43 surveillance cameras were functioning. According to museum officials, they have not been able to find the parts to repair the malfunctioning cameras. Does this all seem just a little too coincident...

14 views · Politics & Law

Rental or Buy in San Francisco?

I came across an inheritance that I want to use to buy a house. I love the city (SF) and I would love to buy something but it seems so expensive. A rental seemed to be cheaper than buying a home even though people keep telling me that it should be th...

31 views · Home & Garden

What are the average prices for rental properties in Los Angeles?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the weekly rates to rent 1-bedroom/studio apartments in Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs. Moving there in February for a job offer and need to know how much I should be spending on rent. Li...

16 views · Home & Garden

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