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Which is best for shopping in Black Friday?

Which thing is best in Black Friday for shopping ?

19 views · Shopping

Is online shopping with a credit card safe?

Is online shopping with credit card is safe or not?

36 views · Shopping

Do you like online shopping?

If yes what do you buy online?

20 views · Shopping

Do you prefer shopping online or from stores?

Do you shop online for everything or still prefer to shop from the store?

71 views · Shopping

Who like peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches?

Who like peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches?

13 views · Food & Dining

Which stores do you shop at?

Just wondering when you go to the mall or just outside where do you shop?

29 views · Shopping

Do you all like shopping at the Mall?

Do you all like shopping at the Mall?
If Yes, what stores are your favorite?

46 views · Shopping

What do you usually buy when you shop at Forever 21?

just wondering

33 views · Shopping

Discount Shopping

Walmart vs Target vs Kmart

22 views · Shopping

How many times on an average do u shop in a month?

and from where...?

22 views · Shopping

What is a tracking number in terms of online shopping?

they told me to track it online?

25 views · Shopping

Who has their holiday shopping started?

Anyone completely done?

9 views · Shopping

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