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is jutsu real

is jutsu real

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How is real estate doing in your area?

I wanted to know how the mortgage problem has effected your area. In our area house prices has fallen about 10%. (Baltimore)

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Is a real estate license possible for a felon?

can a person with a felony DUI conviction get a realestate licence in Arizona

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Is heaven real movie?

39 views NSFW

Are auras real?

47 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore NSFW

Is heaven and hell real?

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How can god be real?

16 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore NSFW

Are angels real?

38 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore NSFW

are vampires real

are you a vampire

38 views · Entertainment NSFW

Is heaven a real place?

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Is history real?

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Is the real estate market going to crash & is there a housing bubb

The economy is going sideways, but the real estate market has been growing like crazy - are we headed to a real estate "bubble" and if so, will it pop soon?


24 views · Home & Garden

Can a convicted felon get a real estate license?

I have a friend who is trying to become a real estate agent but he is a convicted felon. Can he receive his license with felonies on his record? He would be in the state of washington or oregon.

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Who knows about how real estate agents earn income?

It was my understanding that their commission was paid by the person selling the place. If you are buying, is there also a fee you have to pay?

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Is it easy becoming a real estate agent?

Tell me how I can become a real estate agent so that I can help my family buy a real house. Is it an easy process? I can' t write so well, so I need a verbal test or something on a keyboard.

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Is a commercial real estate mortgage the same as a regular mortgage

I have been offered a chance in on an investment for a piece of commercial real estate, but I know nothing about mortgages for these type of properties. Is there somewhere I can get info on the differences between a regular mortgage and one for an com...

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Which states have the best real estate market historically?

Does anyone know if there is a census or something that shows which stated has the best real estate market? I would also like to know if any information on home sales has been recorded for historical data. Any leads for me?

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My mom is thinking on becoming a real estate agent

Where can my mom find a good place to get her real estate license here in the Bay Area of Northern California? Is there some sort of classes she needs to take or can take to learn at least?

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How would you go about finding a good real estate agent?

I've tried the phonebook, that doesn't work too well. Most people my age are not buying or selling houses. So not sure who to ask for recommendations.

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