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The dentist- a poem

What do you think of this poem that my niece wrote.
The Dentist

He sticks his fingers down my throat
desperately trying to make me choke.
He turns my face both black and blue
grinning as he does it too.
He fills my teeth with white cem...

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What instruments do dentist use?

I'm in HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and I'm doing medical photography at State Competition and I need to know the name of some medical instuments that a dentist uses. what is the name of the suction thingy, you know that one that sucks...

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Who else thinks the David after dentist video is hilarious?

Some people say the parents are wrong in letting the kid be 'afraid' in the backseat after going through dental surgery. I think it's funny, personally, but they have gone a bit far with "merchandise" (t-shirts) etc.

11 views · Entertainment

Should I hurry off to a dentist?

So I got braces 3 months ago, and now, today, I was eating and one of them kinda flipped!! Its still stuck to the wire, but the little block thing is loose and its completely turned around!! Is this okay? Should I hurry off to a dentist? Is it normal t...

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Do you know the dentist riddle?

I dig out tiny caves, and store gold and silver in them.
I also build bridges of silver and make crowns of gold.
They are the smallest you could imagine.
Sooner or later everybody needs my help, yet many people are afraid to let me help them.


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Who has seen David After Dentist video?

Pretty hysterical (IMO) video of a 7-year-old kid after the dentist, all loopy from the drugs.

Has anyone seen it? It's controversial b/c some parents think this kid's Dad is exploiting him by creating a website, tshirts etc based on the video, whic...

29 views · Entertainment

How many years of college to be a dentist?

However you spell dental w/e lol The people that clean your teeth. Um, I was wondering is that a full four years of college orrr just a 2 year at a comunity college could do that? I mean, my goal is 4 years of if I did something like that...

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Tongue Web Piercing vs. The Dentist

Hey guys! Well, my step-dad hates the idea of any form of body mod. and hence rejected my idea of piercing my tongue web. However, my mom said she would sign for me to get it done professionally (because she knows I'd just do it anyway). But, when my s...

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how screwed am I(future,or current dentists out there)please help?

so ill be 15 soon I have a real f.ed life my dad is a drug user but makes me live wit him...I've been to the dentist twice my whole life I move a lot and so I always lost tooth brushes and lots of soda and fast food ...I have 27 teeth over half have ca...

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What will the dentist do to fix my mouth?

hi I am 13 years old and I havnt been to the dentist since I was about 4 or 5, the reason I havnt been for so long is because I was tricked into going and they were rough with me and I really think I need to go to the dentist because about a year or so...

21 views · Health

Do I need to go to the dentist?

Ok my question is about my teeth. I do admit I have a nice smile... I like it. And I don't really think my front teeth are too bad. BUT... my back teeth are sorta bad. The one at the very back on the left has a crack in it *it happened like a year or m...

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Does the dentist terrify anyone else??

All my life I've had cavities, so the trip to the dentist was always terrifying. I mean, someone drilling into your mouth? And that sound of the drill, and the smell... I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and im scared. But I know I always feel bette...

41 views · Health

Do you have to pay to see the doctor where you live?

Do you have to pay to see the doctor,hospital or dentist where you live,I live in Wales and is free here

18 views · Jobs & Money

Dental procedure advice

Are dentists able to carry out more than one procedure at a time?

13 views · Health

Getting a physical. and Dental often?

How often to you visit your doctor for a physical or go to the Dentist?

46 views · Health

How can i ask my parents to bring me to a orhodontist

I'm 12 and my parents will not bring me and my dentist recommended I should. What should I say?

9 views · Parents & Family

Complete sedation?

I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of the dentist. No matter how much I brush & floss I always have cavities. I hate the sound of the drills. Regardless of how much they numb my mouth I can still feel it. So, my question is, is there any dentist that completely ...

33 views · Health

How do I make the sensitivity in my tooth go away?

everytime i eat my tooth kills, how do i make the pain go away without a dentist?

73 views · Health

How to treat a cavity, before u actually have a appointment?

my mom hasnt set a date for me to go to the dentist?

31 views · Health

How can I still drink fizzy juice?

My dentist told me to cut down on fizzy juice...but will I still be able to drink it if I brush my teeth straight after?

15 views · Health

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