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Metal fabricators

Metal vs. Hardcore.

Which do you like best??

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BEST speed/thrash metal bands?

wich are the best?

37 views · Music

Is full metal jacket a good movie?

7 views · Entertainment

What are good thrash/death metal bands?


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Metal or punk rock

What do you like best??


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What are the distinguish properties of metals and non-metals?

5 properties for metals and non metals please and they should be distinguish ones thanks for your help :)

58 views · Science

How did metal music originate?

Who started metal music?
Who was the first metal artist?
Where did metal music get started?

64 views · Music

death metal

what is your opinion of death metal I think its way too screamy

18 views · Music

Industrial Metal

What do you think of this type of metal,do you like it?Are there any bands you like?

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Someone give me some hardcore screamo metal bands

Someone give me some hardcore screamo metal bands

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Heavy metal

I need some good heavy metal pump up songs.

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Rap and Metal

What do people like SO much about Rap and what do like SO much about Metal as well?

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Valency of a metal

Is valency of a metal the no. Of electrons in the outer shell of an element???

8 views · Science

anyone know any good metal bands

anyone know any good metal bands. hmm

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Good metal bands?

Give me a list of good metal bands thankyou:)

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What are good death metal bands?

anyone know any good bands?

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