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How to become a lawyer?

Im 14 and going into high school next year. I've decieded that I want to be a lawyer when I get older. But I wanna know more about the career.
Does anybody know anything about the school needed, how long it takes to become one, the income, and how to ...

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Lawyer or Law Students Advice?

I'm fifteen and would really like to study Law in the future.
The only trouble is do I need to be a straight A/B student for this and really clever or can I get by on motivation and ambition?
Also I was wondering doesn anyone have any advice as to what...

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How to get a lawyer to become emancipated?

k I need to get emancipated like soon. im only 13 but my life is horrible. I ran away not too long ago. it didnt go so well. my mom takes everything away from me and she treatins to beat me. I need help.

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Whats a good colledge to go to become a lawyer

I'm 13 and I was wondering what would be a good law school to go to. I have like a 3.8 to 3.9 gpa, I have high A's in all my classes and I want to get prepared early so I know what to do when im 18. I want to be a criminal lawyer that handles civic and...

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How important is it too have lawyer for disability?

I was told that I should hire a lawyer right from the start of applying for disability benefits. is this true? So many people have told me that they look back up to 5 years medical history and other people told me they only want too see new med histor...

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How do I get connection with my mom lawyer?

OK my mom is using me for child support money. She not even wasting a dime on me,well only for lunch money but other than that she use it for herself and new husband.I'm sick of it. My dad is going through a lot and all my mom want it money.

How do I ...

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What is the ends of being a law student I.e to become a lawyer?

In my pursuit of LAW SCHOOL,
what is the essence of being a lawyer in a country that is supported by many laws but are poorly implemented; where justice system are misguided by the hands of a tyranny.
I'm still in the first year and I can see that th...

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How to become a lawyer ?

I really want to become a lawyer ...
so could anyone possibly tell me what to do after high school..
I want to know everything do I go to college or do I go straight to university ?
just everything how to make it happen ?
Oh and I live in scotland ...

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What is an Austin DWI lawyer?

Recently I was asked by a woman of state regarding her austin dwi lawyer. I was not in a position to clear her question. Because I had very little knowledge on law and attorny that to austin dwi which I basically do not anything. Even the basic of thes...

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How to charge a hired (Wisconsin) lawyer who never showed?

How can I collect a refund from a (prepaid) Wisconsin Lawyer who pushed the case back forever and now not only has it seemed impossible to connect with him but he didn't appear for the latest hearing? Judge said I've got to find a new representative. B...

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Can a lawyer please help us ?

I need to know if we have visitation rights with our cousins , I have 2 cousins who were taken by social services 4-5 years ago , but before they were , my mom and I pratically raised them while their parents were out doing whatever , when they were ta...

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How to convince a lawyer it's better to live with my dad than mom?

I've had many other questions conserning this...but I need help on this one I want to live with my dad and my mom doesn't want me to so she's taking us to court. I ahve to tell a lawyer why it would be a benefit to live a my dad's. what stuff really ma...

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How true is that if you dont win the sue you dont have to pay.

If I get a lawyer for a sue how true is that if I dont win I dont have to pay.
Is that true or I have to pay a fee to the lawyer.

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What's your future career goal?

I aim to be a criminal lawyer :)

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Why should I become a Laywer, Pros and Cons?

Should I become a Lawyer? My mom is one, and I think it is a good job for me. What are the Pros and cons of becoming a lawyer?

ie. salary, people,...

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How to write a will

Anybody can give me an example of a will? I just want to do it myself and need no lawyer.

42 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What's the best attorney in Texas?

Which attorney group is the best in Texas.I meant criminal lawyers

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Sushi Jokes?!?!

Is there any good sushi jokes
besides the lawyer one? Does
anyone know a sushi joke??

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Can felons work for the government?

can a felon be a lawyer, a politician, a government employee, an elected official, a judge?

128 views · Jobs & Money

Would anyone like to talk to me about this?

Is there anyone out there who is also interested in protection of gay rights? I want to be a lawyer that protects gay rights, and I was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows what it takes to either a) be a lawyer. b) be a gay rights activis...

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