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Condominium fice rental & leasing

Accommodations in Gabrone, Botswana?

What is the average rental of a decent apartment/flat in Gabrone, Botswana?

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How can I get her to go out with me?

There is a girl in my year and I really like her. How do i get her to at leased like me. Even better go out with he.

9 views · Love & Relationships

Notice to vacate

How do I write a letter to give my tenant 30 day notice to vacate my rental unit?

30 views · General Knowledge

How to delete administrator account

I work for a rental car company. . . The people I work for brought out another rental company. . .the computers also. . . They was giving the computers away. . I ask for one. . . Can't get around the administrator account to load up my linksys wireles...

47 views · Computers & Tech

How do I lose 15lbs in 3 months?

what is the fastest way to lose at lease 15-20 lbs. in 3 months? I really want to lose some weight!

57 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How to establish myself as a real estate broker?

how can I establish myself as an real estate agent or broker? how can I contact companies loking for the lease warehouses? (I can provide warehouses I.e. godowns )

30 views · Home & Garden

Do I have to pay capital gains on triplex homestead/rental property

I lived in a house for the 11 years I owned the property. It was a house with a small duplex attached. I completely remodeled the house and put minor work into the rentals, now I am paying capital gains tax on all when the value of the house is what m...

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What can I do about this stupid guy I am forced to deal with?

So he is my best fried's sister's fiance.
He threatened my best friend with a shovel, and he is a complete 24 year old child. I moved into a house with my best friend in May, and my rent and lease didnt start till June and was just signed yesterday. H...

37 views · Parents & Family

Rent a car under 21 but with parents

I am going to traval in the USA with my parents this summer. We want to rent a car. BUT I am only 20 and they hate driving. Car rental companies do not like drivers under 21. What can happen if they rent a car, but after several kilometres from the ca...

64 views · Travel

Walmart vs. Home Depot

I am painting my room and I need to buy some supplies. It is a rental so I don't want high end. Which store is cheaper to get supplies Walmart or Home Depot?

750 views · Home & Garden

Who is Imperial Meridian Capital? Should I use them?

I'm a small business owner looking for the best leasing company I can find. I've heard good things about Imperial Meridian Capital. Should I go with them?

37 views · Jobs & Money

Does odometer work when towing a vehicle?

We are going to be towing our car on a dolly this winter behind our motorhome. Does the odemeter continue to rack up miles? We are hoping not, since we will be traveling 3000 miles and we lease the car.

255 views · Travel

a heart transplant.

im writing a story about an old woman who needs a heart transplant, and I have no idea how it works,,,

like why would someone need a heart transplant ?
what are the causes ?

lease give me ANY information you have on the subject(:

19 views · Education & School

Where should I go for spring or christmas break?

ok my family doesn't know where 2 go for spring or christmas break so I need some ideas because my rentals said that if they culdn't think of anything me and my bro culd choose . . .

17 views · Travel

Can I sue my Landlord

The details are this...

My landlord and I agreed to term my lease because of the flood and it was not getting fixed fast enough.. in the mist of all of this he has sent me a letter stating I damaged the place (carpet, back screen and changing the lo...

40 views · General Knowledge

Tax consequences of" real estate swap"

tthanks for your advice on capital gains taxes- it was very helpful. I don't want to push my luck, but here is another question- I have three rental units ( I live in noeof them),and would like to sell two of them in order to buy a two family house. In...

70 views · Home & Garden

how does capitol gains work?

I have an apartment complex with 6 rentals and I am losing my behind on taxes and a very honest accountant that I swear is working for the IRS sometimes. A buddy of mine that does the same thing said that he gets by on capitol gains. How does this work?

10 views · Home & Garden

How do I write a happy poem?

I have an amazing boyfriend, and I love him more than life itself. I can explain basically anything through my poetry, other than my happiness when I'm with him. Can someone out there puhh-lease help me out here? thanks, much love. -Sara

57 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Does anyone know where I can watch avalon high the movie for free?

Ok so i read the book and now want to se the movie but i can't find it anywhere. I would go rent it but there are no rental place sep redboxes and they dont have them.

47 views · Entertainment

Coming out to my parents as a girl

I have a problem and not sure how to deal with it? I am a female that was born in the wrong body. I dont know how to tell this to my parents. lease help me out. My girl name is Jennifer. I have attacheda pic f what I look like now.

15 views · Parents & Family

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