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haha adding yourself as a friend

haha ok if you could, would you add yourself as your friend on here or any other site?

17 views · FunAdvice Community

Coca cola ad

Whats the song called on the new coca cola advertisement?

32 views · Entertainment

How does ad-sense work?

It says you could get paid by writing How To's, on here, but how does that work?

20 views · Jobs & Money

Friends adding me

How do I change it so when they click "add me as a friend"
It doesn't say I neeed to approve them!?

8 views · FunAdvice Community

Manually adding people

Where does the request show up,in my Fun Mail or Email address?

10 views · FunAdvice Community

Who here loves the addition of the ads in the corner of the page?

There is so cool stuff that comes up, you have to check it out.

19 views · FunAdvice Community

Free pet classifieds?

so why is it I posted my pet on pet finder and all I am getting is emails from scam artists? is there a better free pet classifieds I can use?

25 views · Pets & Animals

Checking profiles before adding

Just wondering and once again its something that just popped in my head. Do you check peoples profiles before adding them as a friend or do you just add them?

9 views · FunAdvice Community

How do I take off Viruses ad ware and spyware?

How do I take off Viruses ad ware and spyware? plzz help my computer keeps crashin

36 views · Computers & Tech

get curly/wavy hair by adding mousse and rollers to wet hair?

Can a black girl get curly/wavy hair by adding mousse and rollers to wet hair? Help :[[[

74 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

Why is salt better and more "healthy" when added during cooking rather than after?

Well....I was was told that adding salt whilst cooking a dish is better for you than adding it afterwards, if so, Why?

81 views · Food & Dining

What's this song its from a car ad?

It is just voices and and goes like this:

G# d# d# c# d# c d# a# d# g# d# d#c# d# a# g#
G# f d# c# g# f d# c#

14 views · Music

How do you ad friends on fun advice

I am trying to add my best friend but I dont know how. Where do I go. What do I do

10 views · FunAdvice Community

Am I permitted to click on Adsense ads?

Am I permitted to click on some adsense ads if i found it is of my interest? Please reply in details. Which can help me all the way.

8 views · Jobs & Money

I just want to classify something...

and my question is if you were a virgin and you get raped your still classified as a virgin?
am I right or am I wrong?

20 views · Love & Relationships

Adding a youtube video

is there a way you can just add music to a slideshow with music and adding music to the background and converting it onto youtube?


10 views · Computers & Tech

adding a question troubles

a couple of times when I try adding a question it hasent shown up for a while can I maby be doing someting wrong ??

8 views · FunAdvice Community

How do I know if somebody added me in hotmail?

I added a friend in hotmail but i dont know if he accepted my request, how do i know if she accepted my request if you know tell me please thank you.

23 views · Computers & Tech

Why the better ads are banned.

I was watching on you tube some ads that were banned in usa, but I didnt see anything wrong with these ads they were very creative, who stops creativity banning these ads.

19 views · Jobs & Money

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