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What is a good 6 week job?

I don't start my course for 6 weeks. and I feel lazy and a bit guilty just hanging around the house.

im currently looking for a job, but can't really work in a cafe or something because it will only be for 6 weeks, and they usually want somebody for...

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Favorite mediterranean / greek food dish?

Taking my wife out to lunch for a special day soon & wanted to get some ideas for what to eat. I'm a big fan of mediterranean food, so was thinking we'd go to a little cafe I found near our house.

Kabobs are delicious, but I don't know much about gr...

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Rude people

I work in a cafe and day after day after day I serve coffee to about 400 people. Some are nice and can make your day, but then there are the people who are always in a rush ("oh, my bus is here, can you hurry up?") or don't wait until you are done wi...

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How to be more outgoing with coworkers?

I work with people at a cafe around my age (15-17) and I was wondering how to be less shy. One girl I work with told my best friend who I work with that she doesnt like me because im shy and ask wierd questions. how can I be more outgoing and talkative...

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How much money would I need to convert for a week in Thailand?

Hey guys, so I'm travelling to Thailand (Phuket island and Bangkok) in January for a week...
i need to know about the money issue mainly... how much American dollars i should convert into Baht for a week (spending money). I'm not looking to eat at the...

39 views · Travel

What would be a good name for my friends store?

My friend is opening up a shop in Corpus and it has a lot of different things. They are going to have an anime part with full time cosplay atmosphere. Also a bubble tea Cafe where you can have light snacks (Japanese snacks), you can play multiplayer ga...

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Should I go back in there and look pathetic?

Theres this guy I know and I've known him for about four years and everyone's always like" don't trust him, don't even get to know him because he is the biggest jerk" and I never believed them. Every time I used to see him he was always sweet and shy a...

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What sort of job should I get? 16, girl.

Hey I have my big exams this year so we finish school really early. I have over 12 weeks holidays and I know I am going to get bored, so what kind of job do you think I should get?

I've worked in a cafe before and I don't want to do that again, I woul...

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Do I need a national insurance card for a job?

hey, well I finally turn 16 in august so that means I can get a job..yes but I have to wait for that national insurance card thing? when does it come? because I wana work most of all summer and my birthday is towards the end. So like does the card come...

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New fun outing ideas??

Me and my mates love to go out with eachother at the weekends and hang out, obviously, and we often go to Bromley, our local shopping place. We do some shopping and go to Joes Kitchen (our favourite cafe) and yeah, its fun and all, but we ALWAYS do it....

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have to apply the bleach and right after apply the dye?

I have been doing my own natural looking blonde hair very cafefully, I use like 3 or 4 shades, and I dont use bleach very often so it wont break off.
I also have brunette locks, thin hair, and I can�t overdo the bleach because it gets horribly stri...

21 views · Beauty & Style

How big of an age difference is too big?

I am 19 and he is 34 (I know big age difference!). He comes quiet often to the cafe where I work. We joke around like, I do with many of the customers. We started flirting a couple months ago, but still very small amount and I did not think too much ab...

33 views · Love & Relationships

14 and size hoe do I get to a size 8 before end of january on a ste

I'm 14 years and 6 months old. I weigh just over 10st.I'm a size 12 or 14. I know it is overweight. How do I lose weight without my mum and dad knowing? They think I'm perfect but I want to do it for me. I've tried most things but my mum and dad eat a ...

63 views · Beauty & Style

Mandy, will there be more options for men's shirts?

I would like to buy a T-shirt. However, the Mandy Moore web site only offers an outfit with spaghetti straps, which I seriously doubt would look good on me or even Nick Lachey (who is the same age as me but better looking). I was going to buy myself ...

36 views · Shopping

Did they think I was spanish?

I went on a holiday with people from around my english community some, and when we were in spain we all were together, even though id rather have been just me and my best friend.well the spanish knew who the english were and they would speak to them in...

29 views · General Knowledge

lose 2st 2Ibs before april steadily and easily. how???

I'm 14 and 5"2 and weigh 10st 3Ibs. I am not obese but overweight and I'm a size 14!!! slowly I would like to lose 2st so I'm nr 8st which is normal for a girl of my height and age as I've asked my health and social care teacher. is there anyway I can ...

138 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What's your most lame addiction?

Just a question before I go to sleep. :)

Might be serious/not serious addictions. If its serious, hope you get help. If its all in the name of fun, well then haha :d

Okay, dont laugh at me :)

My lamest addiction was back in american idol seas...

30 views · Entertainment

Why is love so painful?

I have been in this relation for 2 years...he is now in another boyfriend doesnt have he cant call me because of I call him whenever he gives me misscall.if he give me misscall at 3 am at nicht I just call back mat...

15 views · Love & Relationships

Random Awesome Quiz

Did you eat for breakfast? Pancakes
Is your middle name? Mia
Phrase do you say most often?Sure Sure because Jacob Black says it!
Are you looking forward to in the next week? Yep because no school
Music are you listening to? Antic Cafe
Is your ...

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What do I do?!

Okay. So, there's this guy I used to go with. I'm 14 and he's 17. We went out for like a month. He was really shy around me. He never really talked and he wasn't really open with me or very affectionate. He wasn't the best looking guy out there. He thi...

7 views · Love & Relationships

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