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Banquet rooms

What colors for my room?

what colors for my room?

help! I can't dicide!

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Decorating my room?

The best way to decorate a youth room?!?!any ideas ?

122 views · Home & Garden

What can I make for my room?

I want to make something for my room, out of fabric. any ideas?

27 views · Home & Garden

chat rooms for teens

good free chat rooms for teens please

46 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Free Chat Rooms

What are some good free chat sites to go on?

43 views · Computers & Tech

How can i convince my parents to redo my room?

It's like imposssible.

75 views · Parents & Family NSFW

What theme should I have for my room?

(And please don't say pink!) lol.

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How does candles light up the room during Christmas time?

How does candles light up the room during Christmas time?
This could be any room in your home.

39 views · Home & Garden NSFW

Room ideas

I need some room designs ideas that I can afford (between 0-200$)

26 views · Home & Garden

Chat rooms???

Does anyone know any good teen chat rooms to go on ??

18 views · Gaming & Games NSFW

Bed Room

I want to paint my room, and decorate the walls. Whats should I do?

20 views · Home & Garden

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