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What store do you shop at the most?

I shop at Kohls a lot.

23 views · Shopping

What stores carry Dermablend?

111 views · Shopping

What are some good book stores?

41 views · Art, Writing & Literature

When will my hand stop burning?

13 views · Health

Should i ask for a second date?

6 views · Love & Relationships

Are there any Abercrombie stores in Australia?

And if so, where?

33 views · Shopping

what is the second half of 2010?

14 views · General Knowledge

Is the store Ulta open?

is it open?

17 views · Shopping

Can you get high off of second hand smoke?

I was in the car with my friend and her mom started smoking. I think it stinks really really bad so I was holding my breathe but then I couldn't hold it anymore and took a deep breathe then I felt kind of drunk or dizzy or somfin

53 views · Health NSFW

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