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Habbo coins Cheats

any one know any cheats or maybe now some ways 2 get coins or furniture???

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Is the Sims 3 for PC and Sims 3 Pets for Xbox the same?

I know the Sims 3 Pets obviously have pets, but are the clothes and furniture all the same or are they different?

14 views · Gaming & Games

Could I make money out of making dollhouses?

I looked online and collictable dollhouses are pretty expensive and the furniture is expensive as well. How could I make them and sell them?

22 views · Jobs & Money

TEenage Girls Bedrooms

I am almost 13 and I have a plain boring room. I have seen some really cute things, but they are way over-priced! Do you have any places with amazing furniture and ideas for less than 1,000 dollars for a piece of furniture? If so... please answer me

38 views · Shopping NSFW

Getting rid of fleas

how long will it take for fleas o be off carpet and furniture after being spraied with some stuff from wall mart. I treated the pets.

39 views · Pets & Animals

room makeover

I am wanting to paint my living room with a red accent but Im not sure what color to paint the rest of the room. And my furniture is black

7 views · Home & Garden

How to get my Chihuahua mix to stop jumping?

Okay, so I have a chihuahua mix... there is only one problem. I cannot get him to stop jumping! Whether is jumping from furniture to furniture, on people, on the window, in the air. He is a very smart dog and knows how to do tricks and obey, even witho...

41 views · Pets & Animals

What color should i paint my room?

any suggestions? i have white furniture and white carpet and i kind of want my room a dark color... kind of like a calming color if that makes sense lol

10 views · Home & Garden

Cat hair shedding.

Is there a way to keep a cat from shedding so much? I have tried to brush her out to prevent it a bit, but she still seems to shed just as much after she is brushed. The hair is all over my furniture and I don't want to get rid of my cat.

65 views · Pets & Animals

Zebra couch

I need a zebra couch for my room, but whenever I look on the internet, its mostly just chairs, and pet furniture. If someone could help me out that would be good.

39 views · Shopping

Would these curtains suit my living room decor?

My living room decor is made up of mostly black furniture. All our picture frames are black the couches are dark grey among other things. Our dining room is adjacent to the living room and the furniture there is brown. I saw these really nice curtains ...

45 views · Home & Garden

Where to buy a new bedframe?

I really want a new a frame...are there any stores like Bobs discount furniture..that sell beds that are relatively cheap and good quality??

20 views · Shopping

teen bedroom ideas?

k, im 15.
now I get to paint my walls.
what color(s) should I make it?
im think pink walls and white furniture. does that sound too kiddish?

60 views · Home & Garden

Dose have any cleaning company in montreal

I am David. I am banker. I need to clean my home carpet and furniture. How can i higher a professional cleaning company in my local area. If have any suggestion please provide company link.

11 views · Travel

Can you get hiv from

We had a piece of furniture that was given to us it had been broken and had a piece of metal sticking up me and my niece cut our legs on it we found out that the person who had previuosly owned the couch has hiv are we at risk?

63 views · Health

Get paint in my carpet out?

how can you get year old water based paint out of frieze carpet? I got up almost all of it during the incident but without furniture in the room its quite noticeable, since we are trying to rent

121 views · Home & Garden

Teen girl..15...bedroom

My bedroom is small.
Im gonna paint it white trim and pink walls.
What should I do?
Like what furniture,
Stuff, decor, and stuff should I use?
What should I do?

24 views · Home & Garden

House Moving

We live in rented premises in Mumbai
We want to shift to Kolkata. Does anybody have any idea what we can do with our household furniture,tv, utensils etc? Will it be economical to transport these items by road?

18 views · Travel

How do I get started with my new apartment?

How do I get started choosing the right theme, colors and furniture for my new apartment? I would wanna know any sites I can go to for it... please help and gimme some good tips too... thanks fellas!

48 views · Home & Garden

what can I do about my cat ?

My cat is horrible >< she bites me , she scratches me , she scratches up our furniture , she won't sit still for more than 3 seconds , we've tried spraying her with water , I've tried putting her in our garage , but she meows so loudly I have to let ...

27 views · Pets & Animals

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