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Accident & health insurance

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Is psychology a health science?

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Accident and insurance

hmm, me and my dad were in a motercycle accident saturday the 9th.
we were hit by an ambulince, and my dads plannin g on sewing.
im 13 and I have to speek to a lawyer, and im reallly nervous.
what are they like going to ask me?

35 views · Health

What should I do if I'm pregnant and dont have health insurance

I really dont have health insurance right this moment and I really dont know how my babys doing do you think I should go to the hospital for an ultra sound.

17 views · Health

How much would it cost me to get health insurance with the Obamacare?

If i dont have a health insurance how much would cost me to get one and i will to have to pay for that every year, every month how that would be if you know tell me please thank you?

20 views · Health

What is hospital Insurance?

Suggest me some good Hospital Insurance Plan ?

11 views · Health

What happens if i don't have car insurance?

23 views · Cars & Automotive

Is it illegal not to have insurance?

39 views · Politics & Law

Can my girlfriend insure my car?

44 views · Cars & Automotive NSFW

If my health insurance is not good can I change it for another one

I have this health insurance from my job but dont cover anything and I need to do this therapy for my arm but my insurance dont cover, can I leave this insurance and apply for a better one.

13 views · Jobs & Money

What is a HRA health insurance?

This year my employer is offering HRA, and then the standard high and low PPO. They where really pushing the HRA, offering $1250 in the account with a $2500 deductible.

18 views · Jobs & Money

How did home health care start?

How did home health care start?

276 views · Health

What are the health benefits of the mineral boron?

What are the health benefits of the mineral boron?

39 views · Health

Which food is the most beneficial to your health?

which of your favourite foods are the most beneficial to your health...? and why ?

49 views · Health

How are drain flies a health hazard?

How are drain flies a health hazard?

1708 views · Health

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