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I really want to be friends again, but how?

This is a long Question. so if you dont have time dont read this. 11 months ago my life went into a great depression. ME, my friends A, F' and D where doing how togather. D ask me to get her ice cream from the ice cream truck. when I got back my bookba...

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How can we be friends again?

This is a long Question. so if you dont have time dont read this. 11 months ago my life went into a great depression. ME, my friends "A", "F' and "D" where doing how togather. "D" ask me to get her ice cream from the ice cream truck. when I got back my...

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Wu Yi tea for weight loss?

I just ordered wuyi tea and I am hoping to see some real life testimonials... not testimonials from people who were paid... I was struck by a nissan pick up truck a few years back and suffered some pretty bad injuries... Starting three years ago, my p...

18 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What can cause a strong vaginal odor just before starting period?

I've been having this really bad vaginal smell that gets worse right before my period. It's been going on for about 3 months. My history--I was taking Camila (progesterone only birth control) for about 5 months and never had any problems with it. Af...

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Felony Job Market

I have a burglary felony, now I know that sounds terrible but the story is not that bad. My fatther and I had a gun collection. I was trading and selling guns with him. One day he comes home and finds that there a couple missing. He calls the cops ...

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How do I divorce my parents?

Im going to tell you more about my situation.. I want to divorce my parents becasue I havnt talked to my mom for 36 months.. And I havnt talked to my dad for 14 years.. And right now im 15 a sophmore and I dont want them to have any control over my lif...

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How do I get my parents to stop getting involved in my life?

Sorry, trying to get used to this new fun advice. I liked it when it was simpler.

Throughout my childhood my parent's paid attention to me 50% of the time, sometimes less...Now they seem more inclined to get involved in my schooling (niagara college...

59 views · Parents & Family

Infected Lip Piercing

Okay, I got my lip pierced for the second time two weeks ago, and it was healing just fine. The pro piercer said it would be okay to switch my labret stud out after a week for a ring, so I did. As soon as I did that, it all went to hell, maybe it react...

97 views · Beauty & Style

Marriage Proposal

I have been with my boyfriend for going on 5 years. At first, he was dead set against us moving in together, he said he needed his space. We have both been divorced and has some pretty bad experiences in our past relationships. He finally decided that ...

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How to confront roommate?

Ok so I just noticed this morning the that $200 of the $250 I set a side for bills and rent at the beginning of this month wasn't in my lock box. I thought maybe I had knocked it out when digging for my spare key for my truck or maybe my roommate grab...

19 views · Love & Relationships

What could possibly be wrong with my leg?

Ok, I go to the gym almost everyday. About three or four weeks ago, I noticed a pain in my leg, like a sore muscle. I get those a lot so, I continued to work out. Then the day after I got back from a college orientation, I noticed it got kinda worse li...

44 views · Health

Just barely 15 and pregnant.

It's official. Well my name is Kristin and I turned 15 in May. I had sex with my boyfriend for the first a few months ago, and I took the test last week and went to the doctor today, I'm 2 months into my pregnancy and just want to shoot myself. I made ...

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Making me take 4 classes

I wrote on here a week or so ago about my parents, Now they told me I have to go to school full-time to stay on their insurance.

I have been paying for my school for a year, I had to buy my own desktop computer (I wanted a laptop), I was told by my d...

8 views · Parents & Family

18 scared pregnant and how to tell a strict dad im moving out

I'm 18 years old and pretty much my whole life my dad wasnt really there not because he didn't wanna be but he was truck driveing to support us because I have 4 brothers and sisters and I'm the baby but about a year ago he had to stop working because h...

19 views · Parents & Family

How can I move out when I'm 17?

I'll be 17 in august of this year. I dont have a job or a car. I'm working on that one. I go to school and I have a boyfriend, but hes not moved out yet because hes still looking for a house.
Me and mother get along to the point where we can look at ea...

36 views · Parents & Family

What could be wrong

Ok first of, dont say take him to the doctors, they dont know nothing, they told us that, and also he cant go anywhere really b/c he has no insurance, he cant get any, they wont accept him and we dont have the money to pay out for test and stuff and im...

32 views · Health

Where to find legal help on emancipation before 2/18/2010?

The background behind my situation is... I will be 17 on February 18th and my sister is moving to town that month. My father got diagnosed with cancer last year and my mother has a lot of health issues too. I was raised like a single child and lived "b...

7 views · Parents & Family

How long after a miscarriage could I get pregnant?

1. I had a Girl in Nov 2006
2. I had a positive pregnancy test in August 2007. Later in the month, I notice that I saw black blood. I felt my stomach cramp up but not like the normal cramps from my period because I always have cramps. These cramps felt...

52 views · Health

Why am I drawn to bad relationships?

Im 27 years old and have always had bad luck with relationships and right now things arent going any better. I have just started having an affair with a man that is 22 years my senior. He is my mechanic. (yea, I know it sounds bad) Anyway.. I have kno...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Currently on paid Short-Term Medical Leave and found another job...?

Hi all,

I have been on short-term medical leave (full-pay STML from my employer) for about 2 months, and already approved for the 3rd month. My health condition is better now (spine fracture after a car accident)l however, I'm already told by my cow...

12 views · Jobs & Money

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