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What is happening with me?

I'm not sure whats wrong with me or maybe im just over-reacting.
I am never hungry at breakfast [which I think is the most important meal to have], and I cant force myself to eat it because I feel really full, and by the time lunch comes, im not hungr...

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Am I anorexic at this age?

I m 30 years old I've e written a question on health here but I got one answer ,,again,,do I have anaroexia at this age ,,
I blame myself after if eel full
I feel guilty everyday telling myself that my work out wasent good enough even if I worked for h...

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Another smoking question...

To start with, I really don't want hardcore anti-smokers posting sheets of facts and statistics about smoking and the body or life expectancy or what-av ya!
I was on my lunch at work today and it seemed that I had just realized that I've been smoking...

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blind hamster

I just recently purchased a hamster from my local pet store. he is white and black (like a cow except without the legs and size and nose and ears and stuff along those lines.) I feed him fresh fruits and vegetables until he is full all the time! I als...

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She hates healthy food

My girlfriend and I have decided that we're going to start trying to live a healthier lifestyle, so that we can both lose weight feel better about ourselves. Now for me, that isn't a problem. I'll eat just about anything, because that's how I was rai...

38 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is it my birth control pills or am I pregnant?

I just want to know if it the birthpill I am taking changing my eating habit or there is a chance I can be pregnant? First, I love to drink coffee and been drinking it since I was very young. I used to drink 10 cups or more a day and love it bu...

35 views · Health

Why am I not losing weight, and how can I improve it?

Hi guys! :-) Okay here's my problem. I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years now... I KNOW I have a slow metabolism, but I have been trying so hard I feel like giving up. I tried for a few months eating fruits, veggies, drinking only water, and w...

22 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Who can have eating disorders? Do I?

I'm not overweight, nor am I underweight. I'm 18, 5'1'' and weigh 118. I have 13% body fat. In August, when I started college I weighed 133. I'm on the field hockey team and started to work out before and/or after practice because I never felt like I w...

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FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (23 days) - December 2nd, 2011

If you haven't already started your holiday baking, it's time to get cracking! Lost for ideas? Here are some great festive recipes for you to try out!


Sugar Cookies

Colorful Candy Bar Cookies

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Dads diabeties got worse

My dad has diabeaties (sorry I dunno how to spell it), and in his last check-up the nurse said if he didnt drink more water, do more excericise, and drink less alcholhole he might have to go onto injecting himself. Right now he just takes lots of pills...

34 views · Parents & Family

A random survey

A random survey

1. What are you thinking right now?
2. If you could meet anyone who would it be?
3. Have you ever took a picture of yourself and a few days later you hated it??
4. If you woke up a different gender what would you do?
5. If you could pu...

39 views · General Knowledge

How many carbs should take in a day?

Alright, so I'm not really a vegetarian but I'm cracked out on vegetables, I eat salads all the time and am not really a fan of dressing so usually I eat them plain (yeah I know I'm weird). I don't really eat much bread but I do eat sliced deli meat li...

43 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What are some really healthy meals I can incorporate into my diet?

Okay so currently, my diet is, well, anything from healthy.
I have a very bad habbit of feasting on chocolates, cakes, cookies, fast food, bad carbs, butters, fats, yeah you get the point.
Anyways, i really need to start looking at this through a he...

30 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What are some at home workouts I could do to loose weight rapidly?

Well I'm 16 year old girl, I'm 5'5 and around 170.
I am unhappy with my weight and appearance, and am looking to change that. I already eat pretty healthy, I don't like candy or sweets for the most part, I love fruits and vegetables, But, I'm still go...

27 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How can I understand my suicidal sister?

My sister && I were really close when I was little, shes 11 years older than me. But once I hit 12, was when it all started going downhill. Shes a druggy, an alcoholic, shes bi polar, she has a chemical imbalance,, Not her fault.. I know. But I know sh...

24 views · Parents & Family

Was there life before Adam and Eve?

I know all of the theories that Adam and Eve (I even know about Lilith) were the very first two humans upon this Earth but there is a word in the Bible that does not sit well with this theory and is damn near cotradictory in this matter. That word woul...

288 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Is my story any good?

Is this story any good? I haven't finished it yet, but it's got to be handed in as part of my coursework on Monday and I want a good grade.

Operation Pied Piper

Felix was starting to think he spent too much time in the tin can he and his brother had...

63 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What do you think of my story?

Ok, so im writing a story about a girl who cuts herself, and I know its a little... Deep, but stories like this really get to me. I have the beginning, but I just need to see if it's good enought to finish. Thanks, and sorry, I'm a really bad writer lo...

11 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Do you think parents are over protective of their children?

This is something I have discussed a lot with a friend of mine and Colleen's question about the banning soccer ball thing ( got me thinking about this.

When I was in gra...

64 views · Parents & Family

How to lose 15lbs fast?

I need to lose 15lbs fast! before I go back to school...
I want to know if walking and running will make me lose weight faster than pushups, squats, and situps???
im 16 140lbs 5'1 feet. want to be at healthy weight!
I can't always reach gym but I...

46 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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