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How, can I see him again?

I've called Daniel again, and asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime, he said yes, and so that parts over. but how should I go about meeting him? I'd rather not go behind my parents backs, but if that's the only way to see him... It'd be worth goi...

30 views · Parents & Family

Am I Democrat or Republican?

Am I democrat or Republican, because my parents are so far from politics, that they've never taught me stuff like this.

I believe in Pro-Choice and the death penalty, but only in certain cases for both situations.
I do believe in invading Iraq, but ...

42 views · Politics & Law


My gynecologist recently recommended that I have an ultrasound. I've been having severe abdominal pain and some extreme dysfunctional uterine bleeding. That time of the month sucks for me since I had my son. ANYWAYS- the need for me to have an ultrasou...

13 views · Health

CDL Driving with a record

I recently ran into trouble back in january '08. at first they tried to charge me with felony aggrivated assault. they dropped that to simple assault, and gave me 1 year supervised probation. I violated that by having a firearm in my possesion, and spe...

22 views · Jobs & Money

Can I sue my dad for back child support

How do I go about sueing my father for back child support. He owe's 82,531.73 in back child support.and my mom is paying to put my sister and I both threw college this year and thats really expensive because my sisters college alone is 36 grand a year...

195 views · Parents & Family

I think my Dad hates me

The question before what is up with him is about I think my dad hates me. And thanx for all the advice, but he wont let me spend anytime with him. I cant on the weekends because he works on the weekends. In the summer I am with my grandparents one set ...

80 views · Parents & Family

Can the township do anything to take care of my neighbor's dead pines?

Basically after these few recent storms that have occurred, creating trees to be pulled from the ground due to high velocity winds, that destroyed wires, houses, cars, etc. So far these damages are extreme and these storms are coming out of nowhere. My...

59 views · Politics & Law

Jeff Hardy lost his home to fire.

Raw Superstar and former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy lost his Cameron,N.C., home to fire late Friday night. Hardy was not at home at the time of the blaze. His home is being reported as a total loss. At this time, the Superstar has been unavai...

39 views · Entertainment

What does it mean if clotting gets worse each menstrual cycle?

Ever since I first started at age 12/13 (I am now 21 years old) I've always had a heavy bloodflow on my period...but the last few months I have noticed the usual clotting I use to experience has gotten worse,more frequent like now its all the time, and...

13 views · Health

Do you think doctors sometimes recieve "kick backs" from drug companies for writing prescriptions (read more)?

Are people taking too much medicine? The television ads for meds are endless and use the power of suggestion to play on people's psyche to try and make them "think" they need it. Especially the ones for antidepressants. Those drugs are powerful and mes...

44 views · Drugs

Is my dog doing what she should be for her puppies?

I rescued her about 1 year ago from a truck stop..I already have a sweet pitbull cugo mix 69lb 2yr. and I think he is the father..I am a bad parent but my vet wouldnt fix her until she was a yr or over..I went out of town came back to hell...anyway I d...

29 views · Pets & Animals

Getting an IPOD Replaced...?

To all the evils in the world, my IPOD was stolen right in front of me while at school yesterday. I already a theft report on campus and called the serial number to apple stolen and they said it would be flagged if someone try to bring it in for servic...

12 views · Computers & Tech

homeland security/insurance company policies

So why is it that all of a sudden companies are labeling ex-convicts as unworthy or distrustful, or incapable of performing any job tasks that of the private sector??? I'm a truck driver who was laid-off more than 18 months ago... I've yet to land a j...

34 views · Jobs & Money

Are these health things from sex normal?

okay I'm 19 my boyfriend and I frequently have unprotected sex (we've been together for three years well almost four) when we have sex I sometimes get a sharp pain in my right pelvic area(near rmy hipbone and usualy when I'm on top) he doesn't have a h...

30 views · Sex

any moms out there that can give me advi

I am 19 years old and 7 months pregnant. The father cannot be apart of the babies life, I met him through my old painting job, I didnt know he was on drugs , I ended up hanging out with him and one thing led to another and next thing I knew, I was on t...

24 views · Sex

Really bad wrist.

Alright, so I am an artist as well as a musician and a writer, so I use my wrists and hands A LOT. I have always had rather weak and small bones, so it’s no surprise that I already have carpel tunnel and problems with my right wrist.

It has always be...

18 views · Health

Help girlfriend's parents caught me at there house when they came

Ok I go over to my girlfriends house just about everyday after school and our parents dont know, I drive and she dont so yea, anyway today we were just makein out and her door bell rang well we started to freak and I went to the front door thinkn that ...

65 views · Love & Relationships

I nee help getting otu of my parents house

ok heres the thing im 18 and I am moving out I am a senior in high school so I have one year left I already have college plans and I am movig oufter my parents said I as not alowed. I am movin I with my boyfriend which is older and out of school. letti...

14 views · Parents & Family

I dont want to go to the doctor with her

Yesterday I asked the ? about I didnt want to be jugded being prego by my family even thpugh I am living with my Fiance in our own place and im 18 and Im getting married in like a Week and a Half. Well im like really sick to my stmach and everything an...

24 views · Parents & Family

I need help As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips?

As A Typist in Office - I need help and Business Tips?
or as a secretary (not really a sercretary, but im a secretary to my father, a salesperson)
I have 8:am to 12:30 pm and 4pm to 7pm

I spend all of my time typing. My eyes are poping out.
Im typing ...

35 views · Jobs & Money

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