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Randomly FUN Quiz:

1. Pancakes or Waffles?
2. Muffins or Cupcakes?
3. Chips or Popcorn?
4. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
5. Dancing or Singing?
6. Ketchup or Mustard?
7. Computer Games or Video Games?
8. Homemade or Bought?
9. Fruits or Vegtables?
10. ...

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Can I be an author when I'm older?

I want to be an author but i don't know where to start. I have written a couple of books and yer here is one.

Ralph’s Adventure
The other side

By Millie Hale

“The day has come” thought Ralph.
Ralph was a little spider monkey that loved to explore a...

31 views · Art, Writing & Literature


What did you have for breakfast?
What did you have for lunch?
What is your favorite girl name?
What is your favorite boy name?
Who is your favorite Twilight character?
If you were an animal what would you want to be?
What's your biggest fear?

48 views · General Knowledge

Please help my boyfriend

okay my boyfriend is a healthy 16year old. but he thinks hes got issues because he said that he wonders what it would feel like for example to put his hand in a crusher at work, there has been plently more insidents like it aswell. Hes also got this th...

46 views · Health

Why wont my friends beleive: I am dieting, not killing myself!

Why are my friends idiots? well today I didnt eat lunch, and lately I have been eatin less, and no junk food and they think I am anorexic! they are such idiots because they wouldnt drop it even though I was busy all lunch with dance and am on a diet an...

27 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Is It Best That I Just Give Up the Chase and Just Go Solo?

I've been asking for help from quite a few people for the last few days. I posted this question not too long ago, asking why people thought I was scared and if what I was doing was wrong:

"I'm 22 years old, in college and my relatives have been aski...

10 views · Love & Relationships

What should I do Im confused and affraid?

I left my boyfriend and I think im pregnant.

I left my boyfriend 2 days ago, because he loves smoking weed and I dont like it. I love him so much I never wanted to leave him but he was never himself when he was high. The day before I broke up with h...

53 views · Health

so frustrated

after a week of working out at the gym for hours and eating healthy(I cheated on my diet two times lol), I finally stepped on the scale this morning and it says I gained 3 pounds I was so angry at myself to a point where I wanted to give up I spent hal...

47 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I need help losing weight...

I used to be bulimic... I know it's bad and what not.. but I used to be anorexic/bulimic and it wasn't fun... I was 5 foot 3 inches and under 80 lbs... so It wasn't a pretty sight but now that I stopped...I'm over weight and I try to loose weight healt...

23 views · Nutrition & Fitness

10 fun and silly questions

I'm bored right now... so I decided to ask fun silly question to get to know people =)

1. if you were on fear factor, would you cow intestines... or 2 dozen hissing cockroaches ?

2. if you were on survivor, would you rather make a pact ...

170 views · General Knowledge

After healthy changes, how long until weight loss?

Hey all,
After a lot of thinking I decided I wanted to lose a stone in weight and do it the right way. I've never been large..or skinny for the matter but recently I've put a few pounds on and want them gone! I would ideally love to be re...

42 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Hit a brick wall with weightloss!

Hey guys
Over the past half a year by cutting down on the junk I've eaten I've managed to lose just over two stone but in the past 4-5 weeks the weight loss seems to have stopped. I think I just about get the recommended daily calorie intake for my l...

39 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Will this be safe and will it work?

So, I need to lose weight before school starts and I also need to tone up a bit.
And I was wondering what you think about this eating and exersie plan.
Ok first exersie:

Day 1: do at least one hour of aerobic activity. You can an evening walk, go ...

27 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Would you rather?

This is a bit disgusting sometimes
Would you rather...
1. Fall out of a 3rd story window or Be run over by an SUV?
2. Melon ball your eye out or Put your hand in a meat grinder?
3. Win the lottery but lose your family in a horrible accident, or Kill yo...

40 views · General Knowledge

I need an experienced girls or nurses advice

hi im 15 and am very curious about my own body since no one really ever taught me anything and im wondering how can I tell if I have already broken my hymen? like how do I know if I even have one? I have a boyfriend and we are waiting at the minimum of...

39 views · Sex

How do I get my hair to stop falling out?

My scalp starting showing!! This isn't normal!!
Mom keeps blaming me that:
1- I take a shower with hot water (I stopped this)
2- I don't eat fruits and vegies, (I do but I don't eat tomatoes)
3- I roll my hair up after taking a shower and stays we...

55 views · Beauty & Style

Is this considered an eating disorder?

Because i was molested some time ago(not going into detail about that) i got pretty depressed and had alot of anxiety so i would either drink alcohol i would take from my parents cabnet or take alot of benedryl so i could fall asleep because the though...

19 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Can I loose 10-30 pounds in 4 months?

Well as of now it's July 25th and by thanksgiving, I want to have dropped atleast 10 pounds.
I weigh 143 I'm 5'3 and I absolutely hate shopping for clothes. Since a lot of te stores at the malls near me the highest they go to is a size 8 in tops and 1...

44 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Feeling Sick In the Mornings... Please Help Me!

I Am Thirteen Years Old, And I Have A Regular Balanced Diet. I Eat Fruit and Veg Every Day, And I Do Excercise Like Walking And Swimming And Quadbiking Every Satarday. Although, Every Morning At About Seven AM, I Wake Up With A Dreadful Stomach Ache As...

56 views · Health

I dont understand why I cant lose weight

I actually am looking for advice on weight loss. This sounds odd and really even my doctor wouldnt listen. I weigh about 300# and am 5'6. I admit I can be lazy but didnt use to be, years of being active with no progress kinda made me that way.
I eat h...

59 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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