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Barack hussein obama

Peopl who wrote me on my last question/statement "obama is an idiot" a lot of people are voting for him are black. I am not racist or nothing but the only reason he is the lead is because people are just voting for him because he is black they are not ...

36 views · Politics & Law

I don't know what's wrong

hi, I got to know this girl lately. She's a friend of my friend, I got to know her when we went shopping for the prom with my friend. She's pretty cute, and nice that's why I kinda liked her from the first time hanging out with her. Then, I added her o...

33 views · Love & Relationships

How weird is it that I don't like most guy things yet I am straight and I also have not much interest in having sex?

I don't like football, hockey, baseball, Nascar or any racing, Wrestling or boxing, golf, fishing, hunting or anything outdoor type of activity, going to bars, poker etc. It gets worse. I don't find what
the big deal is about sexual intercourse is no...

37 views · Sex

Why am I drawn to bad relationships?

Im 27 years old and have always had bad luck with relationships and right now things arent going any better. I have just started having an affair with a man that is 22 years my senior. He is my mechanic. (yea, I know it sounds bad) Anyway.. I have kno...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Will I continue to lose weight by doing this?

Recently, I haven't been eating lunch and limiting my food allowances, I've been cutting meals down big time. (I eat maybe half of what I used to) and I've lost four kilos. The past two days I've been eating Lunch, but it has been relatively healthy. I...

23 views · Nutrition & Fitness

How do I dye my brown hair blonde?

my natural hair color is medium brown, well I've always wanted to go 2 a dirty blonde color for years I went to go get it professionally done in December and after of hours sitting there it ended up a strawberry blonde color more red ( I dunno i...

1003 views · Beauty & Style

My niece

Ok my niece is a spoiled brat my big sister buys her everything there gonna buy her a cellphone and she only 8 years old I can't believe it she growing fast she knows almost everything about shopping she know about roxy she know about coach I don't eve...

66 views · Parents & Family

Who should I come out to?

I'm a 16 year old male, and I'm gay. I haven't told anyone, yet. I'd like to. I'm really not sure who I should tell because my family is extremely homophobic and religious. They are already upset because I've gotten a septum piercing, hips, bellybutton...

20 views · Love & Relationships

Can this help me lose then maintain my weight?

To start off with I want to be able to eat other things besides JUST salad and fruit all day long. I usually eat breakfast and lunch at my High school. Which usually consists of, Breakfast: 70 cal dry cereal bowl, fruit cup & OJ OR 5 thin French toast ...

52 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What is a good about me?

Okayy im sure all of you all have gone on a social site and read like these amazing, about me sections.

Well I really want one of those..and like I can write and I love to write; but when it comes down to making my a social site about me section creat...

18 views · General Knowledge

Do you think that she should drop it and quit trying to yell at me?

I had an argument with my mom yesterday and the whole entire day she would not let the situation rest. well then she starts talking about me to my younger brother right in frount of me and I was litterly loosing my mind. we went to the flea markent a...

38 views · Parents & Family

99 Questions haha ( Im very bored) lol

What is your full name?

Question #2

*Your birth date:

Question #3

*What color is your hair? Is it short, medium or long?

Question #4

*What color are your eyes?

Question #5

*How tall are you?

Question #6


66 views · Sex

How do I convice my sister that I did not steal from her graduation money?

Okay. So I have a slightly checkered past. By this I mean I have been guilty of taking money from my brother before. But. Before you go and tell me that it is wrong and how could you do such a thing, I know this. I know that it is not right and it is n...

74 views · Sex

Big Weightloss Question! Help?

So my current weight is:185
My goal weight by end of June beginning of July is: between 130-145
That means losing a total of 50 or 40 pounds in 5 months.
Will I be able to reach that goal if this is what I do 7 days a week?

Breakfast[dont usu...

23 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Chinese tea - does it help loose weight?

Does Oolong tea help in loosing weight?

Well first of all let me explain what Oolong tea is in fact.
"A direct translation for Black Dragon, Oolong Tea's meaning is both mystifying and tempting. No other category of teas includes such a wide range ...

344 views · Sex

What can we do about my Dad's buying addiction?

We have TONS of old cars and trucks, nice ones i have to admit, that he's been planning to fix up...But, he goes out and buys another one- and then he talks about getting rid of a nice car he's already fixed up and LOVES to brag about and drive. Like...

15 views · Health

How can I talk my parents into letting me get rid of this?

I made a clock in a shop class last year, a nice looking one that is worth about $400-$600. It has an annoying quarter-hour chime (I had no choice in the clockworks for it) that every time it goes off, I swear I hear a rumbling in my head. So I have a ...

51 views · Parents & Family

My brain has devious thoughts

Ok im really sick minded
Like I dnomy brain is very jumpy like today
Maybe due to incidents in the past but I mean like today my mum parked round the corner today and I waited outside my house with shopping bags,because mum car was smashed by her bro...

36 views · Health

Will someone help me get a new, affordable look?

tests say I'm logical, analytical, dignified, Intellegent, serious, and wise. I keep to myself and don't interact. people wonder what your really like. I prefer books to people. I value peace and serenity. I'm calm and graceful. I'm shy and gentle. I l...

32 views · Beauty & Style

My nosey mom

My mom always encourages me to get a diary to write down my feeling but she always buys me one with out a long day after playin / chillin with my besties. I come around 10pm. And I come home to lay in my bed and I see my room f.cked up. And a...

81 views · Sex

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