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Hello, My name is William, I'm 24 years old,british male from South Africa, I'm a bit confused what carreer or path I should follow.

Here is a bit about me.

I left S.A(Republic of South Africa) when I was 17 to go study and work in the UK, when I...

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Help me please, I dont know who I am

Ok, this question could sound dum and stupid but its kind of hard to put my feelings into words, I'll try but dont be annoyed by what I say, you may just misunderstand because I cant put it into words easily.

Right well I feel like my mind, my perso...

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Should I stay or should I go?


My boyfriend of 15 years has made some really bad choices. I feel you are realiable for your own actions, and need to be responsible for them!!! Well in 1997 he left me and didn't find out all the money he had gotten from his Workmen's Comp...

22 views · Love & Relationships

Why wont he talk to me?

Ok.. I've got a problem. I started dating my boyfriend in 2007. We met through some friends online and its been a long distance (Texas-England) relationship. I broke up with another boyfriend to be with him because I thought we were "meant to be" but n...

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What do you think of my new rap (bang bang)

What do you think of my new rap (bang bang) be truthful thanx

Yea aw ha
A dont give a f**k no more a'l take the pain now no matter how sore
Been backing dnwn for far too long time to stop thinking and start geting strong
Seeing that theres drugs all o...

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Who can help me with boyfriend/parents/and/highschool issues?

Ok so I dont usually ask for advice I usually give it and this isnt really going to help me but just give ideas as to what im doing wrong I guess I dont know but anyways my boyfriend is in mexico a lot of you will say hes probably cheating theres alway...

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My ex wife is driving me!

I have been divorced for 1 year now. I'm a single father of a two year old boy and my ex-wife has expressed to me on more than one occassion that she would like to get back together. When my ex wife became pregnant, her dad was very unsupportive. We st...

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Will someone help plzz?

I cant believe im resorting to the internet to help with my problem my issue is just its getting difficult my whole life (im 15) I've lived with two parents who hate eachother but stay together couse of me and my siblings and whenever they got in a fig...

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Who wants to answer these questions-SURVEY?

*The Basics*
Month of birth
Any Siblings?
Parents still married?
Do you like your job?
Any pets?
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size
Any Tattoos?
Any Piercings?

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Has Gov. Palin been treated fairly ?

Input from some Hillary supporters on how Palin has been treated: Hillary Clinton supporters and Women for McCain leadership are slamming Barack Obama’s new ad, titled “His Choice,” as sexist and demeaning to women for its depiction of running mate Sar...

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What can I do about my mean head of department at college (read more)?

I'm at college to get qualifications to become a teaching assistant, it is my dream job because I have aspergers syndrome and I want to help children like me and with other special needs, but I have a bit of a problem. I was advised by a teacher to go ...

17 views · Education & School

Is there anything I can do to recover my sanity?

Hi. I am a 19 year old male. I have been involved in many things ranging from drugs to the cia mostly due to my involvement with psionics from an early age. I just recently spent some time in the navy and was given an entry level medical seperation due...

54 views · Health

Getting over him

There was this guy I went out with last year. It was my first relationship so I was really shy around him. When we talked on aim, though, I was outgoing and it was fine. It didn't help though that he's popular, so that made me shy off more in person. A...

16 views · Love & Relationships

To be or not to be...

So I am a beautiful young lady who has never had a boyfriend nor kissed nor even held a guys hand. I am 18 ...almost 19 and have been talking to a guy. I have really high standards in the sense that I want a guy who works, goes to college, is nice, res...

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How can I live with these strict and overprotective parents?

I'm 16 years old, living with strict, overprotective immigrant asian parents. They are very strict with me and rarely allow me freedom, only wanting me to study. I have no social life at all and the only friend I have moved away a few years back in mid...

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Is this speech right?

So, I had to write a speech on "Destiny is based on the choices I make in life"

Here's my speech, and can you also tell me if it sounds right and is it basically nice and what type of tone should I use?

Destiny is based on the choices you make ...

35 views · Education & School

What am I supposed to do about a horrible step dad?

Alright, I'm 16 years old, just got my license, just applied for a job at Subway. My mom and my dad got divorced when I was 3 years old. I didn't understand until my mom started dating Mr. John. Before Mr. John, everything was so wonderful. I loved my ...

30 views · Parents & Family

Should I kick my 23-year-old son out?

My son is 23 and still living at home. He is a divorced father of a 5 year old. He does have a full time job and has even bragged that he makes more money than I do. I make less than him, yet still managed to raise 3 kids by myself, buy a used car, ...

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Why does some men give you everything, loyalty, expense gifts, grea

I was in a relationship for some years. We live together for close to three years. He is middle age. I am a pretty, educated middle-aged Black woman, with two grown children. Who has been married and has abandonment issues.

It seemed has if eve...

24 views · Sex

My girlfriend wants nothing to do with my parents

Ok, this goes very deep. My girlfriend has really not liked my parents in the past but started warming up to them. About a year into our relationship my girlfriend has said comments to me about my mother making some snide remarks that I didn't see or...

254 views · Parents & Family

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