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Just joined, my friends cant seem to understand, perhaps you will

The one girl that I thought was my true love left me a few weeks ago. Things were so perfect in the begining...and I was certain we would get married. She was everything I wanted...except one...she was kind of simple when it came to sex...and im used t...

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Omg wait till u hear...

Omg ok so I met his guy on Facebook named Corey. He was soooo sweet n wonderful n I made sure he was real thru my friends n after I found out he was who he was I let him sneak ovr after midnight. He came to my house after 12 like 7 times Nd yes we had...

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can someone give me relationship advice?

I'm back. For the last time hopefully. I met a girl who had a boyfriend. Should have stayed away from that one but the story goes on. Technically he wasn't there for her. I wanted to be so I was. We got real close and eventually spilled our feelings ou...

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How can I get the strength to leave the abusive scapegoaters?

In my adoptive family I am the oldest of two. I was placed into foster care when I was really little. Lo and behold the first foster parent happened to be the monster that would adopt me. I will just call her monster. Monster made sure to try and convi...

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How can I escape a family of abusive scapegoaters?

In my adoptive family I am the oldest of two. I was placed into foster care when I was really little. Lo and behold the first foster parent happened to be the monster that would adopt me. I will just call her monster. Monster made sure to try and convi...

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I Can't Stop Thinking About Him/ Does He Like Me?

I need some advice there is a guy I've been seeing around school for about a year. he is an IT guy at my college and attends another college. when I first saw him last year I had a crush on someone else so I didnt pay attention but he always looked...

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ex fiance and letting go

My fiance and I Were supposed to get married on Aug 16, 2008. I had a problem with a depersonalization disorder that caused me to lose reality for several months prior to the wedding. I did some things that I had no control over.. One being that my fia...

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How do I get back into Art!!?


My biggest talent is being good at art!

I'm really good at drawing and sketching etc. and am a very creative and visual person!
I've always been proud of this and always thought it made me s...

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How can I end this vicious cycle with my Mom?

Ok, im not like super sensitive and im not Mr. Macho man but im feelin a bit unloved. My mom just had a baby and he is always sick and has alot of....problems, nothing too serious tho. My lil bro is very high maintinance and causes my mom a lot of stre...

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Why my guy friend has to be so rude to me?? T_T

well I never have many friends, just a group of close friends consisted of 4 girls including myself, and 3 guys (fake names: Kevin, Joe and Nick-they're so close to one another <Jonas> like brothers^^). All 7 of us has been friends for 7 years now.


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Have I made the right choice?

Well let me start with, I am married to my first and only wife for 23 years. I was 22 and she was 35 when we married. Now we have a 18 year old that we put through private schools for most of her life. I'm 45 now and my wife is 58. Well let me cut ...

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Forensic Scientist or Sniper ?

I know that I'm a bit too young to be thinking about my long term job for when I'm finished in university but I really am confused about this in particular .
When I was younger I used to want to be a vet, because I loved every animal and I thought it w...

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What does Eminem's first verse mean in romans revenge By nicki Minaj ft, Eminem?

I heard it was something about him being a homophobic, or could that be a different part?

I ain’t into S&M, but my whip’s off the chain
A little drop of candy paint drips off the frame
Twisted-ass mind, got a pretzel for a brain
An eraser for a h...

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whats a poem by a FAMOUS poet about not judging someone or something that goes with the song below? I need to read a poem while play this song in the background:


We've all seen a man at the liquor store beggin' for your chan...

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Why all these Contradictions, in the Bible?

Theological doctrines:

1. God is satisfied with his works
Gen 1:31
God is dissatisfied with his works.
Gen 6:6
2. God dwells in chosen temples
2 Chron 7:12,16
God dwells not in temples

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How can I stop fantacising about my cousin?

for the apst long while I've non stop faniticed about my cousin and me doing... well you know and im only 13!!! shes 12 but almost 13 were like 7 months apart lol but umm iknow its weird but I dont know what to do I non stop do it I've tried not to the...

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Cheated on, hurt yes but ok. Your take on it?

I know this is long, but its very interesting situation.
Basically my boyfriend of 6 months recieved a blow job from a semi-friend of mine. Here's what happened.
I was at boyfriend house and he was throwing a party, the people there were T (female) C(f...

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I am 17 and want to become emancipated in Ohio.

Hi I'm 17 years old and I have about had it with my mom and step dad. Now I know 9 out 10 teens say this because they are just rebellious but I literally can't stand it. My step dad calls me a fuck up and constantly agrees with my mom, even if she is c...

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How can I get his Mom to like me?

I found out why this guy left me. He had an x that was around my age but is a year older. I'm 15 and he's 19. His mom doesn't like the fact that he was with me. She even said to him not to date me and not to have sex with me. Well a few days after he ...

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What should I do? I'm so confused and frustrated!?

Alrighty, well it all started about a month and a bit ago now. I was seeing this guy named Jay, things started all good for starters we spent a lot of time together. But after like a few weeks, he started to seem like he didnt want anything to do with ...

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