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How to survive a breakup

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how do I come up with a efficent budget for the time being?

I have three children, 2 teenagers, and a 6 year old, a mother, and a wife living in my household and it's been great so far, but now things are really hard. My wife got into a car accident so she is unemployed for awhile and I don't know if she will r...

32 views · Jobs & Money

My Cookies suck!

I got a sugar cookie recipe off the internet yesterday. I don't know what happened but.. they didn't exactly brown when I baked them... it should've taken about 6-8 minutes to cook but they didn't brown till 15 minutes later. They tasted so bad !!

94 views · Food & Dining

How can I ask out a girl I've seen for awhile?

well i have noticed this girl in walmart in my home town. and she is really pretty. and i have seen her for a long time now. i know that we have locked eyes plenty of times before and i have went up to her before but only for wire transfers. i really l...

24 views · Love & Relationships

How can I deal with my Mom's violent boyfriend?

Ok, this is going to be long but please listen!! My moms been dating this guy for almost 6 months now, maybe more, I don't know! ...but, he seemed pretty cool, seemed like someone I could get along with. I was happy because my mom was happy. Then aft...

34 views · Parents & Family

How should I do this?

Alrighty, so I am 19 years old, and never have had a job due to circumstances beyond my control. Embarassing, yes. Anyways, because I live in a rural area, it is impossible to find any work within walking distance, and yes I have money to buy a car ...

17 views · Jobs & Money

Drug Problems

Need some feedback so her goes...She wants time to heal since I did put her through hell. She really tried mant times and was there for me. She said If become myself again she’ll take me back. We were texting and emailing but she didn’t want to talk on...

9 views · Drugs

is this a good poem.. what needs fixed..

The dark tragedy of being a pessimistic optimist and an all together bi-polar teenager...

Tears distort your hearts beauty as it distorts who you really are all at the same time leaving you blind to your own soul and blind to the truth that there i...

38 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What do you think of this mini story?

Yesterday I was really bored so I decided to make up a mini story or whatever you wanna call it, so tell me what you think of this

As the the anestesia wears off the victim the victim slowly regains consciousness and looks down and shocked to see that...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How can you guys... HELP ME!!! :[?

You know how analogies goes? Well it's the same, but Biology style. You'll have to give the definition for some and the vocab word for others. I did like 20 others, these are just the ones I couldn't get:

1. First response team: arrives at the scene o...

375 views · Education & School

How can ex-offenders get employed?

I have 3 degrees and was a financial advisor for 12 years. It was 2002 when the reality of my sister's tragic death and fathers passing of a heart attack hit me. I incurred several surgeries from a fall to repair a damaged shoulder, was under sedation ...

41 views · Jobs & Money

How do I endure the next year of my life?

Hello, my name is Dylan and I'm 16 soon to be 17. How do I live with such strict christian parents? I've searched the whole internet and cannot find a single person with parents as strict as mine. To start off with, I seriously wish I even HAD a curfew...

20 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Is this a good gaming PC?

I am about to buy a gaming desktop pc and I want to make sure I buy one worth while. I plan is to have one custom build for best performance and graphics. So I want to know if these system components excel in both of those areas. Here`s the list...


27 views · Gaming & Games

I would like to hear comments on something I am doing

Recently I got a message from a guy who was offering money for pictures. He was mostly looking for locals he is learning photography and loves to photograph women...a regual guy thing LOL. Ok so anway What caught my eye is 1. His email was not rude or ...

31 views · Sex

What do you think of my story, (Redone)?

I thought that my last story lacked a bit of detail, so I kept the same theme but just changed it around a little.

I was running down a dark corridor, I could barley see anything but outlines of things on the ground and sticking out of the wall, I ...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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