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How is this possible?

Just a little Update on this situation, before I ask my real questions! I have a tiny Chihuahua named Zoe! She weighs 3.5 pounds. She is almost 2 years old. Six months ago, Zoe was diagnosed with Liver Disease, through some bloodwork she had done, when...

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My ex cheated and robbed me/but I gave him herpes

I was dating a guy for three years. He was so nice and he surprised me with gifts and he was the best at first. We loved each other a lot, well atleast I know I did. I found out later in the relationship that I had an std...called herpes. I passed it t...

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When you meet someone wonderful..?

When you meet someone impeccable, you will feel exactly how it is I feel..
-secretively bashful..
-solitude, that you never imagined possible..

She's older than me, but I don't care..
You can't put an age ...

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What can I do to improve this short story?

I heard her breath, but i could not see. I wasn't able to see a soul, not even a glimpse in her eyes. I kept trying to remember her face but it was a black blur. Invisible. She was now invisible to the world. No one knows her name, the sound of her voi...

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Are my poems any good?

Are my poems any good?

Like glass my heart shattered
I hit the floor
As you brought me down some more
It hurts so bad and got me so mad
But yet at the same time I was so sad
My feeling were mixed up
They were eating me alive

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What to do when my children's father has bad history?

Dear reader,

I have been having problems with my childrens father. I had an original question that explains most of it. Original question/situation:

I am worried about the safety of my kids concerning their father. We are not together because of o...

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Who wants to answer these questions-SURVEY?

*The Basics*
Month of birth
Any Siblings?
Parents still married?
Do you like your job?
Any pets?
Hair color
Eye color
Shoe size
Any Tattoos?
Any Piercings?

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Should I feel bad at all?

First off Sorry for the long Message:

My ex-best friend broke up with another mutual friend about 2 years ago. I was friends with both of them before, during,and after this very very messy break up. My friend (whom I will call Sherry for simpliciti...

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Is there anything I can do to recover my sanity?

Hi. I am a 19 year old male. I have been involved in many things ranging from drugs to the cia mostly due to my involvement with psionics from an early age. I just recently spent some time in the navy and was given an entry level medical seperation due...

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How to help out my suicidal dad?

First of all thank you for taking the time to read...

I know you can’t provide much advice as you
Don’t know me personally but anything you can provide
Is greatly appreciated.

I currently work full time in the City.
Get up at 6am, get...

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How is it so far? Its called never forgotten

Sorry its so long

Never forgotten
By:candice underwood

Kathy woke, tears running down her face. She saw a child about 8 or 9 looking she
Knew nothing about, never talked to, met, or even so much as seen.
She look...

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Why does this other man confuse me so much?

im married mother of 4 ,ive never ever took an interest nor looked at another man in 19 years that ive nown and been with my spouse but something happen this summer i developed feelings 4 another man nothing has happened just on and off talking flirtin...

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How can my dad dare try and be a father figure to me?

Since I was born, I never saw my dad without a drink in his hand, I don't even remember him ever sober and this is pure honesty. He's an embarrassment, I've never hated someone it's not right to live with regret. Either way just after my 14th birthday ...

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Open Surgical Liver Biopsy!

This is long, but if you have the time and you can help, Please Read and Answer! Does anyone here, have any experience with or know anything about, "OPEN SURGICAL LIVER BIOPSIES"? I have 2 Chihuahuas who have Liver Disease. They are 1 1/2 years old. Th...

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what would this be considered?

A poem or a short story?

When you feel that no matter how much you love someone they treat you like dirt...
You tend to ask yourself questions like, If a family member cant love you unconditionally, why would some stranger?

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my life, myhealth, my mood swings, my deppression

hey there, this started in the summer of 8th grade, I started going out with someone I really loved him I was crazy about him I gave up everything just for him, problems started to happen, I lost him he broke up with me, after those words those promise...

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Family Guy Quiz Help

1) What is Cleveland's ex wife's name?

2) How did the griffins get to go to L.A. for free to see Brian?
Won the lottery
Stole a plane
Got Stewie on "Kids Say the Darndest Things"

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he took my virginity and broke my heart..

I've been with this guy adrian for a few months. when we first started going out, , we were inseperable, we were always so happy and flirting with eachother, people would say how cute of a couple we aree. I really liked him. to starrt off, I never let ...

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What would you do if you were president or has some high power/control in the world?

If I had the power I'd get rid of government assistance (welfare/food stamps,etc), I'd make people take a test before they were allowed to have kids -- i know it's really controlling, but it's not fair or right for you to have a kid, that you KNOW you ...

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Why does my hair fall out a lot?

ok lately I noticed that everytime I wash my hair it tends to fall out alot and also when I brush it after I wash my hair.

Now im trying to let my hair grow out because :

1. ever since my aunt has been diagnose with breast cancer and had to lose ...

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