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What is the piano and violin piece from Shutter Island called?

It's playing when they go into the main doctor's house on the island and the other guy is in there with them and he even says what it's called and who it was written by but I can't remember... It also plays when Leonardo's character flashes back to the...

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Does anyone know why retailers have removed the "take a penny / leave a penny" tray (read more)?

Around here, convienient stores, grocery stores, drug stores ect. all used to have "the penny tray" but no more. Employees say it's because "corporate office says we can't have it anymore" but they don't know why. Any ideas as to why such a decision is...

33 views · Shopping

serious help with an interview thanks a million * Shoe Store * retail /sales

Hey! thanks for hearing me out ...

I just got called in for an interview at champs sports ,( similar to shoe palace foot locker etc)
im kinda nervous , what kind of questions will they ask ? and what should i wear ? jordans etc ?

any advice wil...

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Should the Fed be shuttered?

The Federal reserve is an unellected organization with no Constitutional charter. They exist by mere legislative act. Today, we found out that not only has the Fed dispensed 2 TRILLION dollars worth of bailouts (more than what was authorized by the ...

30 views · Politics & Law

What was the outcome of "Shutter Island" regarding whether or not he was sane?

Ok, in the very end, did his last sentence mean that he was didn't forget he was Andrew... or did it mean that he was choosing to be Edward because he would rather "die as a hero than live as a monster"... But if so, why was his partners last word "Bos...

52 views · Entertainment

Why won't my Retail Plus DVD+/-RW Ultra Slim USB 2.0 external CD drive work?

I got it for hristmas and it has worked great up until now. It will turn on for like 10 seconds (light will come on and will make the noises even let me put a cd in it) but then it just suddenly stops. I have everything installed for it and I haven't d...

404 views · Computers & Tech

Collage This Year Business Retail administration Help.

Okay this is what id be Learning When I Go..
Introduction to Customer Service
Personal Effectiveness
Introduction to Administration
, Social Responsibility at Work
Introduction to Retail,
Communicating Effectively at Work.
I was wondering, ...

13 views · Education & School

Why is getting a retail job seriously so hard to get?! :(

I'm 16 so I am able to meet the eligibility requirements to get a job. I'm really in need of a job so I can get the money I make for college and save my parents a lot of money and trouble. I have been searching for a job for six months straight and not...

52 views · Jobs & Money

How can I hide a nose ring for work?

I work for a retail place and were not aloud to have facial pircings what should I do

41 views · Beauty & Style

What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?

What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?

125 views · Shopping

where is a good place to sell jewelry?

where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry

gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81
gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72

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Which company offers the largest collection of Turquoise pendants in the UK?

I am looking for an online retailer who specializes in Turquoise Pendants

4 views · Shopping

What are some good sales techniques?

I'm beginning my first job at a retail store tomorrow and I want to know what are some good techniques. I want to be the best I can be. Help me!

33 views · Jobs & Money

Where in tampa florida can a convicted felon work in sales?

New to florida looking for new life need job but im a convicted felon I have experenice in retail sales

67 views · Jobs & Money

Can I get a good job for being a felon its been almost 10 years ago

I was working for a retail store and was involed in taken some money a cashed check?

56 views · Jobs & Money

What are the hottest toys for Christmas 2007?

Hi everyone christmas 2007 has arrived in our doorstep. There is no more time to celebrate this auspicious festival. Where the hot toys will be available for retailers.

47 views · Shopping

Anyone Accepting ???

I'm sorta desperate fr a retail store job..

ANy suggestions that yu know are guarnteed hiring ???

19 views · Jobs & Money

Legal matters

When some one is arrested for retail thef, on the first offense if convicted what are the typical sentences?

Jail, Fines, probation?

What is the stimated time in jail if that were the sentence?

40 views · General Knowledge

Business help!

Ok so is anyone out there good in Business work...such as retail and stock and all that stupid crap...if so please answer so I can put some homework questions up here and get help!!!

10 views · Education & School

Is it true that Biodiesel fuel has quality problems?

I am from Chicago and I have a 2010+ engine model, is it alright if i start using biodiesel? Is there any retailer that provides high quality biodiesel that you can recommend?

26 views · Environmental Issues

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