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What if I feel torn up by my friends?

Sometimes I feel so torn up by my friends. =(
Her name is Helen, shes a new friend I made this year { my first year in jr high }
She can be so nice sometimes, but at times she would criticize me, like I would come to school later than her, she would b...

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Stupid family trouble.

Well, my mum fell out with my only life line my nana and now she fell out with my sister she was even screaming at my lil brother forcing him to cry.

She hit my sister so hard yesturday, that she hit the floor she was screaming so loud into my face...

25 views · Parents & Family

Dreams about Stuff

ok, I've been having constant dreams about the same 3 subjects, can someone please tell me what these dreams mean?
1. I always dream about going to the store with my mom and my aunt, 2 people that I haven't seen yet this year=(
I always try to buy st...

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ACNE desires getting rid of for good!!

Since I have become18 and now 24 I have been suffering with a bad case of acne, to where I don't evan like to be seen or go outside until it gets dark!My self -eseam has gone down hill,I don't evan like to really look in the mirror anymore! It's not th...

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What kinda pillowcase?

I recently finished re-vamping my bedroom. I painted the walls a bright custardy yellow,the wood work (desk,shelves,bed) are all beachwood. My curtains are a deep red and I have a theme of the colours turquoise,fresh green,bright rich red and the sunse...

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Is it ok for me 2 do this ?

It may seem like I ask a lot of questions on here but its becuase I haveno one totalk to them about soryy! , Theres this boy who I have known for a cuple of years now and has been a complete star to me, when I got kicked out my parents home he let ...

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Is it wrong that the mini fridge my parents got me bothered me?

My parents bought me a mini-fridge for my birthday for my dorm room. When I got it back to my dorm from my home two and a half hours away the door was totally warped and it wont close, the inside of the door that has the little shelves is torn halfway ...

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What do you think about the FDA's control of food packaging?

Now here's an interesting and well I guess deeper question that some of you may not think about. So I was reading back in the late 1970's back when the packaging of products was not so strict as it is today that a group of individuals went to several d...

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