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Pressional photography

Who knows a project idea for photography class

So heres the thing I have to do a project with just pics for my photography class, and with this theme
What family means to me
Any ideas

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Fashion photography

Where can a person learn fashion photography??? Are there ample opportunities available in this field?? What are the min educational qualification required??
Please help

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What sort of beginner jobs can I apply for that have something got to do with photography?

I love photography and would love to start learning about it as soon as possible. Are there any jobs I can apply for, for my first job got to do with photography?

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How do I get started in a career in digital photography?

I love taking photos and I have a great digital camera, and would love to make a living taking pictures. How do I get started in a career in digital photography?

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Good Photography Camera;;

I'm really into photography and I want to buy a good camera.

-Reasonable price for quality.
-The price cant be too high though.

What are your suggestions? What camera should I buy?

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What cameras are good for photography?

i have a Vivitar ViviCam X327 HD and i take some pics with that (but just as a beginner)
what are great photography cameras and their price range?


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photography collage?

Im In love with taking pictures and I wanna get better at it. and I want to go to collage for that .. is there any collage's that ANYONE know's about for photography.. ?

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What's the name of the diploma for those going into photography during college?

I'm doing some research on college's I may want to go to after I'm finished with high school. But I don't know what the name of the degree for photography.

Anybody know?

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Should I still do research for a scholarship in photography?

I was thinking about this ever since I left church an hour ago. Even though I'm enlisting in the National Guard, should I still do some research for a scholarship in photography?

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What can I do if a study photography?

Well I would love to study photography but the thing is that I don't know what kind of job I can get with it.. Or if I study graphic design.

Can anyone tell me..


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Photography camerra helpp

I want too be invloved in photography I lovee it and itss a passion of mine I need a great camera thatt isnt too expenive what kind of cameras are there thatt are greaatt?

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What are some ideas for photography pictures?

Im in a photography class and I need to take one candid picture( unposed ) one environmental one formal and one self. I need a good idea for each of these by tonight! Helppp thank you

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Any good sites to sell my photography?

Any good sites to sell my photography?? I tried shutterstock but my images didn't fit the recommended size. Can anyone help me please? I really want to get into this photogrpahy stuff !!

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What is the difference between the flash and continuous lighting, why not using continuous lighting for photography?

What is the difference between same wattage strobes (flash) and continuous lights. I want to shoot still life, and want to buy a studio light kit, always felt that the flash speedlites has no difference with the common continuous lights.

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Where to learn the basics of photography?

I really want to learn all about photography. I need a lot of help learning about lighting,capturing beatiful aspects of people. any links to help with these things, or advice form personal knowledge would really be appreciated.

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Does anyone know how to start a photography business?

To start a photography business? I have a website and a ton of nice photos and want to put them in a art gallery so I can show them off but im getting no where any ideas? My photos are landscapes, animals, people... Etc

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photography help!

Whenever I try to develop my pictures in my technical photography course, they come out too dark. I think I'm doing something wrong with the aperture when after I make my pi chart. any help? sites, or tips in general for developing my pictures?

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Jobs dealing with photography

My real passion is photography, im only 17 about to be 18, where could I work to get some experience at such a young age? I applied at Sears photo place and I even talk to a local photographer who has a studio and she cant hire me right now so, where a...

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What is a good, unique name for a photography buisness?

What is a cute, creative, unique name for a photography business? One that catches ones eye and sticks. You know how "abercrombie" has absolutely no meaning at all, but is known worldwide!? I want it like that! Please help!

Also, didn't I just type th...

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Stock photography?

I'd really like to get into selling photos online that I've taken. It's a hobby, and I figure I may as well make money doing it! Does anyone know any sites that allow you to sell photos with a free account? I've been looking, but some of the sites out ...

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